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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Want To Label You My Queen

You are what I dream

Within this dream I want to label

You as my queen in this reality so that

The world can see what you mean to me

If only you’d believe these words I preach

Allow me to please you with all my

Greatest romantic capabilities in all fruition

Lyrically let me take you to a new dimension

You are all I need with the style and grace

To take me far from this world of misery

So that even as I’m reminiscing in dreams

I’ll know for a fact that you where the one

That I label my queen with no other coming

Close to taking the title I’ve now labeled you to be


You are what I dream

I want to label you my queen

You are Always on my mind

I know no understanding of time

Lost within this lullaby I call the Dawn

To the sunrise within the darkness of my life

I dreamt time after time that I’d one day find

Someone to motivate me to climb higher than high

To the skies as I rise similar to the smoke from

Fire that has now subsided from the inferno

That once burned eternally in my soul

My heart turned cold with no peace to behold

Now like the Dawn from sun perching the horizon

I set my eyes upon a light that takes me

Far from sight of the enemies that tried

To destroy me within this troublesome life


You are what I dream

Allow me to label you my queen

If only to please, if not then to tease

Romantically I am Shakespeare with these

Romantic lyrics that bleed from my soul

More eternal than Diamonds and Gold

Let me open the doors to a world unknown

Far from the holds of this world so cold

Let me hold you close within my arms

Let me charm you with the words that come

From the spark that Dawned in my eyes

Once I saw you within my line of sight I couldn’t

Help but want to try to get you by my side

So I’d be with you throughout the night

Dawn your beauty upon me by day

I’ll label you as my Queen one day

just you wait…

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

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