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Saturday, March 24, 2012

To my unborn child

This is a letter to my unborn child
How I yearn to see your innocent smile
The birth of a new soul in a wild life
Of struggles and strife but that’s alright
Because I want to be your father through every
Rough and rugged time to experience
What it is to be mine until you’re ready to climb
Into your own lane to find what it is to be alive

This is a letter to my unborn child
How I yearn to see you rise higher & high
As your father I want to guide you on
the road to solitude where you can
find yourself to open multitudes of doors
 for you to see just where you want to be
in this world filled with infinite possibilities
simply be yourself and believe to achieve
in all your wildest of dreams

This is a letter to my unborn child
Although times may pass and dreams
May clash with your ambition to just outlast
As the world to spin deeper into unrest
Don’t worry because it’s all a test of character
I want to be there to care for you through
All your worst trials and tribulations
Face the whole nation but never alone
Because I want to be your father
Whenever its time to return home

This is a letter to my unborn child
I want you to live as infinite as the Nile
I want to you to be able to smile even
While the world continues tearing down
All around you, I want to inspire you
To always stay true even if no one notices
The plight you go through as you stay true
Forever and always I will always love you
even if no one else has a clue regardless,
I want to forever be man enough to be
A true father for my unborn child

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Line At A Time


Misguided as a youth as I wondered for a truth
Yearned for a simple solution to a greater issue
Feeling as if it where critical to express through
My pencil as I gave color to the darkness within
Trapped forever in this whirl wind of life steppin
With one foot ahead, one day at a time always
On my grind overshadowing the man I left behind
In the dust as I physically rust in the sands of time
yet I spiritually grow more divine with every line

Living as an ancient soul within a young mind
Experiencing the pains that life has handed me by surprise
Opening my eyes as I slowly realize that every
Bit of darkness has some form of light unseen
How I interpret the world around me is for me
Now I give a bit of clarity with my use of poetry
To paint upon the canvas bestowed for me to complete
am I the person you see as the world judges me
or am I what makes me unique that one may cherish
For all eternity never forgetting that what I Created
Can never be recreated or replicated by any lyrically

I am the seed rising from the birth of my past
Grasping the future desperately to reach
A better way from all my past mistakes
My history forever filled with remnants
Of a brotha incoherent to the sways of change
Yet somehow I grow day by day at my own rate
I stand my place because ingrained in my soul
is a message to behold lyrically so I show
on the page consistently forever flowing like
the river of life one word, one line at a time.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I’m Still Standing

Born a black male in a living Hell
I was made to fail never to prevail
Battling to win in my ambition to excel
I can’t trust nobody but the man within
So I’m left trippin when I question
What the mirror represents as I search
For the best way to repent for all my sins
What’s recently been rushin throughout
my mind as I try to stay on my grind
through all these rough and rugged times
is a simple answers to all the Y’s in my life
as I fight the temptation to simply go blind
poetically providing a new line before
I publicize the message that inspires me to write
I wasn’t made in the image of man
No my image is that of the heavens
That's why I never question my abilities
For I know; no man can take this gift away from me
Never fearing death, or taxes,Time is all in your head
prepapre for the future at the present
its all of the essence as the hour glass fills
Love is all an illusion if one can’t love ones self
What else can I say when at the end of the day
The past is what made me a man today
Turning the pages of my life one poem at a time
Smoking the finest Mary Jane to take me away
I wasn’t born to be a slave so I keep my mind
Forever questioning what can’t be seen
Prevailing over each and every enemy that can’t see
that my life is already filled with defeat yet
anyone that approaches me can easily see
I’m Still Standing

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Never Cry Again

I’ll never choose to cry again for my sins
I’ll just keep my pen forever flowin the blood
Of my lyrics revealing why I choose to write
As I Slowly subside all pains that reside within
Each line of mine is filled with the greatest passion alive
Each line I craft reveals the truth to your eyes
Inside we weep for our deepest hidden tragedies
So we Hide our flaws from this society Knowing
that we can see what no ones can see In the mirror
more efficiently than the person currently visualizing
That curtain of illusions is all we need to keep
society from accurately judging us to clearly
The story book so precious for only one to keep
Archiving all of our life experiences in our library
never seen unless revealed to peak upon for clarity
I use it to masterfully expel lyrically the blueprint
To all that troubles me mentally or spiritually
Consciously putting more soul into my pencil
Than any artificial remedy… except maybe weed
I’ll never choose to cry again in this life of sin
You’ll never catch me at any hour, day, or week
I’ll just keep my poetry forever close to me
Only stopping to lyrically reveal all my demons
 Who I conquer with my mighty lyrical supremacy
In the end, I’ll never choose to cry before I end
I’ll repent with the most indefinite
Definition to my greatest tribulations
Life has undeniably hit me without question
Yet forever I’m writing until I’m dead in my grave rustin

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The real man

With every glance at the mirror
I see it all more and more clearer
That at my exterior I remain Inferior
Not to what one might visualize with ease
No, my greatest flaws as a human being
Cannot be fully seen with mere eyes
What I’ve overcome in my life can’t be
evaluated unless I pull back the disguise
in my mind I’m out of control but with my
mighty pencil in hand, it is evident that I am
like a war hardened general filled with experience
my lyrical abilities consistently piercing through
the surface of the physical deeper than the tissue
touching the bones of all my underlying issues
my words hit harder than stones whether
on paper or in my very own mind as I criticize
what no one ever sees within the deepest
recesses of my mind culminating in my eyes
remaining hidden unless I pull back my disguise
and reveal that I am a man filled with many flaws inside
It is in the mirror where I can truly visualize
What few see within the depths of my mind
I remain in a constant battle to maintain
As I continue to erase yesterday shadow
Upon the futures today, always reaching
What I want to be only to then be trapped
By the present problems of my reality
As I continue my pathway overcoming
My greatest enemy and friend paradoxically
The real man in the mirror who remains unseen....

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

tempo to my life


The tempo to my life is like a merry go ride
No matter how hard I try and evade the lines
I sit forever in place filling up another page as I write
I always return to the same place I once attempted
to leave behind as I race faster towards the horizon
yet I know I can never escape what keeps me in sync
What forever encircles me in entirety from my head to my feet
What keeps me in tune to this lyrical beat
Are the words that keep on consoling me
No matter how far I continue running
In my ever elusive attempt to escape
I gravitate towards the heat from the fires radiating
I bathe in the essence of poetry consuming me
My passionate melody with the thoughts that
Protrude from my mind’s eye as I attempt to define
Provoking me to yet again complete another line
In my book of poetic rhymes which can never
be finished yet I continually complete what
remains unfinished as the hour glass continues filling
Until what’s left is all that is spilling from my grave
A message that can never be erased from the archives
Of my poetic life filled with a mixture of strife
And sweet essence of my lyrical delights
I’m ever spinning in place no matter how fast I race
I can always trace what I thought I once escaped
Back to the page where I attempt to evaluate
What forms in my mind’s eye to be completed
yet never publicized simply archived in the sands of time
The tempo to my life is like a merry go ride

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

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