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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Poetic "I"

I want to hold you tight

I want to love you right

I want to be your sunlight

if only you’d be with me tonight

I never want to say Good Bye

I want to look you in your eyes &

tell you, I’ll forever be at your side

I want to be on your mind stretching

More infinitely than the sands of time

I want us to be able to climb higher

Than any measurable understanding of high

I want to be the very fire to your life Sparking

the passion that keeps us forever intertwined

I want you to be mine forever & always

Until the sun ceases to rise into the skies

I just want you in my life so I never have

To worry again about being lonely at night

Is it alright that I love you like I do

Label me insane because there’s honestly

Nothing else I could ever do….


I may keep my feelings secret but

my lyrics reveal that I’m the truth.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

I want to go Deep

I want to go so deep inside
until all you feel is my surprise
I want to feel you tight don’t worry
I can keep our little secret tonight
I want to love you forever & ever more
You’re the only girl I choose to adore
I want to explore your every curvature
Enchanted by your heavenly expansion
Outlasting the night until all we know
Is the morning sunrise that pierces our eyes
I want to know if you can go to world unknown
Just don’t leave me cold before I explode
Close the doors so no one will have to know
No judgment from me you’ll ever receive
For all I see is your elegant beauty
Masterfully taking control of my entire being
Until all I feel is complete ecstasy, this must be a dream
I want to feel no pain, only the memories of simplicity
As I professionally mold your body into my own
I want to be your one & only so never another could
Satisfy or replicate this satisfaction I’m about to give to you
This is a love that is forever true Or an illusion
filled with the lust I’m about to give to you
just don’t question the multitudes of feelings
I’m about to take you to cloud nine far from sight
Of the hardships of this troublesome life
I just want to go deep inside….

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Darkness Calls Me

Darkness calls me often
Often tempting me towards my coffin
Often I am left to wonder if I can
Overcome my human temptations
Knowing what’s right but that would be like suicide
Because its hard to live without my addictions
Persistent is the Darkness a true enemy to me
yet it proclaims To be my friend indeed
until it takes everything away from me
I continue hurting my family to achieve
my goal of fulfilling this disease
often I fall to the might of darkness
submitting my soul of light to void
where no love, no life exists in sight
all I see is the night of the storm
so hope is word I may never adorn again
light is far from reach as the darkness
consumes my very being leaving torn
between what is right and what temps me
I love... yet I hate; maybe one day I will escape
Yet I know my very destination is No place to call home
My life without the addictions that subside the pain
Such a sickening way to maintain in this life
Darkness calls me from my place in the light
To give me a present to forever chase called temptation

Darkness calls me often
To a place far, far away
From my once humble domain
Deep are my dreams yet cold is my reality
Temptations, forever I remain chasing
What I need to maintain, sustaining my addiction
As I remain in a mental prison locked in chains
Darkness calls me often, I lay dead in my coffin
Yet still I stand alive only to reach for my vice
This isn’t life I live, no this is the darkness
And what it gives me is perpetual darkness
as I continue living a lie
Deep down inside I wish to live a better way
But today seems to be the same ol thing
Darkness often calls my very being to the Hell
I wish to never again see as I dream of actually living
Dying is my spirit left unconscious and incoherent
Lord do you hear my whimpering prayer
Left with so much despair but does anyone really care
Darkness is what I see all around me Forever
I remain chasing the temptations that maintain my being
Darkness often calls my very being….

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally Free [Collab]

[Nick Ade The Poet]

Beauty in my eyes
Love on my mind
Lyrics projecting as I’m
Forever on my grind
Dreams I’m expecting
Negativity I’m rejecting
Friends I’m selecting
Enemies I’m embracing
Even if they hate me
The Clouds Is where I dwell
On the river of life Is where I sail
Fuck you is what I spell
Bless you is what I say
Cold are the days
Warm are the nights
Temptations I fight
its pull is persistent
yet my love is forever infinite
my right hand is gifted
my left is the is what I pass
the future is what I grasp
my bed is where I rest
my feet, I use to step
Sour is what I smoke
Smoke is what I blow
My destiny is where I go
Her arms is where I find hope
The true me, you’ll never know
Forever I remain Unknown
yet I am forever mintally free
finally I released my self from
the chains that once held me

[Anastasia Isabella Poetry]

The power of the unknown
May seem in explainable
Yet it is attainable
True love exists in this place of society
More than strands of time
I am not confined
Where I use to formerly hide
I know these temptations
I know them quite well
Where I cannot fight who I am
And feel as though I am entrapped underneath
This spell
This spell you see no longer has hold of me
I cannot be what others want me to be
All I can be is just me
No longer transverse under unwavering emotions
I am of this life
Floating high in the skies
I soar with the birds
High in the clouds where I float in
comfort of the sights and no longer fear what is next.
Where love finally says hello and meets pure destiny
Wrapped in the warm embrace that love casts upon me
I am no longer unknown I am finally free

Written By;
Nick Ade The Poet, & Anastasia Isabella Poetry © 2011

I am more than what you see.

Nick Ade The Poet


If all you see is the image I bring
Then obviously you’ve never seen a thing
Feel the underlying emotions in my being
Written is the blueprint to my soul
If all you’ve ever known is what I’ve phyiscally shown
Then you’ll never really know the true story untold
Look deep within my flesh and bones
To know me by my true name, a name I’ve rarely told
Be careful not to get to close to who I am
You may witness the flawed imperfections
Of my many majestic perfections
Don’t dare to question my inner insanity
Question the insanity on Wall Street before you condemn me
I am simply a seed growing into what I am
I am more than what you see, less than what you know
Who I am is rarely shown, rarely told, rarely Known
But if all you’ve ever known is the cover I’ve shown
Then you are destined to say what has already been told
This world is cold without remorse for those
That have fallen to the abyss of hopelessness
Yet many have faced that same trial and tribulation
I wonder why few can embrace when we know
That you too have faced the cold feeling of hate
I know me more than any sum parts you see
I know myself better than what you interpret as being
I know who I am, What I am, What I can be
So if all you see is me, then obviously
you’ve yet to witness a thing….

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011

I want you next to me


I want to kiss you good night
Even when the world kisses you goodbye
I want you permanently in my life
Even when no one else has the time

I want you in my days so I’ll know
The sun will always shine with no sight of greys
I want to hold you tightly igniting the love
Which remained dormant for so long

You’re forever on my mind as I stay
Forever on my grind towards the top
As I continue to climb to my peak
continually seeking my destiny
I pray you are always next to me

even when God needs to test me
I know I’ll succeed because I have you
I want our love to never stop and always stay true

my spirit currently dwells higher Than the highest reach
You bring emotions deep that once dwelled in me
To the surface so the world can see
Just how entranced your beauty has me

I want you by my side So I know neither of us
will ever feel Another chilly night alone
I want my heart to be your home
so even if I’m gone, I’ll still be close
To your soul... a love like you’ve never known

I want to give you a dose of my medicine
So you never have to fill another prescription
I want you to be my mission in life
As I continue to grow more and more divine
I write to you line after line so I can
Attempt to define what you bring to my eyes

Lighting the darkness that dwelled inside
I want to take you on a ride
One where the thrills of the dip
Only make you want to hold me Closer
as I hold your hips tightly in my grip

Maybe one night a kiss but I
have not the power to predict
So I remain faithful until the end
Until that moment where no pain exists

I want you in my life, a ride or die woman
Until the very end in this life of sin
I can do nothing but win when you’re next to me
Texting me constantly so I am never without
Reach of the keyboard in front of me
Jumping to see just who’s calling me
Only to hear that sweet, sweet voice
As if we have the power to speak telepathically

As your voice continues to ring mentally
even when the last Words you spoke
were many, many hours ago
I want you to know that all I know
Is how to show the woman I love
How I feel even if it kills me
The power of love is dangerous indeed
But nothing holds worth quite like it

So until the very, very end I want you
Next to me so we remain timeless and free....

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Good Die Young [My Lyrics live on]

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[Nick Ade’ Poet]

They say the good die young
And that bad things happen for a reason
But no amount of words can ever stop the bleeding
Or the pain that I am currently feeling
As I expel my lyrical art to the world
slowly journeying through the sands of time
one day, one step at a time as I live my life
slowly turning the pages in my mind
attempting to find a much simpler time
away from all the stress and the strife in my life
but try as I may to rewind all my events
so that I may reminisce on my past,
forever I awaken from the night to another day
far from the dreams that I once embraced
but Oh how divine I become as I begin to intertwine
My dreams into this cold and lonely reality
Warmed by all the love I’ve received as I live
eternally through the lives I’ve touched on the page
I am a painter without a brush yet
the canvas is fill with imagination
witness the taste of my eternal lyrics as I continue
Articulating my lines hoping someone may feel
my every emotion as I define what’s on my mind
if it’s true that the good die young
Don’t shed a tear when it’s my time to run
For words will live on,
The good never die young they only live on

[Uvie Thy-Tempest]

I try to be good but i realize crime pays,
The good, the bad, the ugly,
the good go first even if we pray,
Knees locked, head bowed, soaked in thoughts,
My life flashed like a movie, or so it seems
The dark hood wearing killer
with death at it seams
The good die young, so the rot,
Its more than a saying, I’ve felt the cut,
My mind flipped the pages of the true good,
And all i saw was death in primes,
in my livelihood Then i knew i was due,
My livers shut; my kidneys shrunk, my heart struck,
The pain, tears came flooding in ripples,
Even my cave of poetry hunts me in quadruple,
I fear to write, poets are prophets,
So i run from them thoughts, my word puppets,
because Death has struck, one by one,
I have lost more loved ones, than love lost me,
My heart cringes at love,
because to love for me, is to be shot...
But i will live to breathe again,
I will hurt to heal again,
I'll ignore this seeping wound,
I will pick a pen to draw my end,
But don't weep nor cry, it’s a victory dealt,
because my footstep will be carved in the sands of time,
My words in hearts and minds, on the page I write
So even if in time i fall, I know I’ve lived,
been believed and Thy-Tempest the heroine still lives.

[Anthony Thomas Francoforte]

As I am,
I am always partially blind
I never really had full sight
until I saw the undeniable light
as I am here and now, I am that I am simply wanting
I want to be in love just as I am loved
I am simply a man and I feel the animal inside
Raging even as I fight no gloves in sight
Feeling as if I no chance to survive
But see me when I write,
I know I’ll forever remain alive

night and day, day and night
I gradually vent the pain inside
then delete it all before anyone can
see what’s truly on my mind
if you didn't get it well then
it wasn't meant for you to see
but believe me when I say I am eternal indeed
even if I’m surrounded by those that
could never fully understand me

time as an only option to pensive ,
our minds value the green and the red,
plastered is the blood of the dead
this life itself can get to your head
resisting the overwhelming
sensation to just say fuck it
sleeping while hungry, I hunger as I sleep
feeling as if nothing can replenish me
but maybe the lord can forgive me
and awaken me to my forgotten dreams
out of sight, out of mind so long
I’ve remained blind now I utilize
my spirit sending a message
that I will always be alive
even if the good die young
i’ll live on from the love I’ve been given

[F.j. Majesticpen Carter]

They say the good die young
And that love is an illusion
But my heart beat can feel
this insatiable constitution
building realms around pains
and pangs that shadows all delusions
As I procure the cure to heal with my
written elixir of healing distribution
Making silence loud enough to hear
without any words being spoken
Extinguishing concepts that says
that I can easily be broken
Though I continue to congeal
with lyrical plaster that keeps me unbroken
I beat the sunrise to refute the thoughts
that refrains me from fully coping
Hoping, that I am able to see through
the disturbance of a negative glimpse
that tries to shackle my wrists
so that I write with a silent fist
But no handcuffs can cease this ink’s apodictic
I avoid being sniped by anyone’s negative hit list
I felt the penetrations of constant critics
But it never impeded my options to grow within them
So if it’s true that the good die young
Don’t consider me a victim
Because I walked paths that appears religious
To capture the soul of the atheist
Who feels that the development of me no longer existed?

Written By;

Nick Ade The Poet, Uvie Thy-Tempest Omimi-Okoro,

Anthony Thomas Francoforte, & F.j. Majesticpen Carter

© 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Undergroud Poets


I am a flame flickering in the wind
I am the flame In this life of sin
I am the fire Swaying to every side,
flickering throughout the night
I am my own source for light
With a simple spark I ignite
To everyone’s surprise as you
Now Witness my fiery delight
warming your bones Fending
you From the winters cold
As I embrace you I radiate
A feeling you’ve never known

I am a flame in the wind
Flickering with every sway of the wind
From side to side yet no force
Has yet to extinguish my light
My life begins just as it ends
Forever I am the fire at the winds whim
Yet I stay persistent never finished
Until the my last moment of extinguish

I am a flame flickering in the wind
Until the last smothering instance
Where my flame can only
Be summed up as a forgotten memory
Never again that warm feeling
As rise to the sky, dissipating as I rise
Into the night dancing in the wind
I am a flame forever flickering
In this life of sin..

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Rose That Grew


The Rose that grew
from the concrete never
had a chance to speak
born into a world full of insanity
beckoning God to set him free
and seperate his mind from
the daze of everyday living
how hard it is to define
a soul that knows no success
and every breath is a step towards death
the worst question is the first question
when no one first takes the time to think
always remembering that I am
The Rose that grew from the concrete

Battle hardened my distinct nature
could never be plagiarized
I fly with time lyrically
exploding with every line
but will I die? Will I die...
no one knows so I stay
high to open my mind
focusing on each moment in time
never letting them know
what's really inside my eyes
until the fire inside my poetic lines
detonates and expires scorching
the page that held my scripture
in time i'll find peace mentally
but i'll always remember that I am
The Rose that grew from the concrete

I am the Rose but no one
knows who I am visually
mistaken as simply weak
but the concrete is now...
Only a memory
I now stand tall and free
growing like a masterpiece
prevailing over every enemy now
lyrically more real than what you see
but will the world ever see that I am
The Rose that grew from the concrete?

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Endless Vista

The Undergroud Poets

Staring into an endless vista
Towards a forgotten road
Oddly familiar yet strangely different
From what I had last remembered.
I’ve been told stories long ago
About a world where cities
Are paved with diamonds & gold
So far from my soul yet so close,
Close enough to be remembered
Yet far enough to forget what it truly is
What’s funny isn’t what I had
Forgotten In all this time away
No, what’s funny is what
my mind led me to believe
forgetting so many of my dreams
captured & captivated by this reality
now it seems home is all I need
but I’ve wondered so far away
but now I’m lifted from the grave
I must have been saved for a purpose
Because the last thing I remember
I was Searching for a better way
Or some form of purpose.
I’ve searched for so long as I
wondered all along that endless sea
staring into an endless vista
wondering just where this road may lead me

Staring into an endless vista
Searching for something new
But what am I to do when all along
I had no clue that I’ve been
Searching for a better future
When I hold not the capacity to see
Things have a way to seem so
different if you’re not looking closely
I’ve yet to grasp or focus on the truth
So what am I to do when I forever
continue staring through my rear view
Man, I must be crazy Lord
For I know I’ve done much wrong
Yet I’m so far from done
Just call me young & dumb
Cause all I require is a blunt
It may not be long before I’m gone
But when the fat lady sings my final song
Remember just where I’ve been
Beckoning from for so long
can you visualize me without a worry
can you forgive me for all my sins
can you love me for all eternity
even when I deserve to burn & bleed
from all the negativity consuming me
that’s why you can forever catch me
forever staring into an endless vista
wondering just where this road may lead

Nick Ade The Poet

Friday, June 24, 2011

If I gave you my heart...


If I gave you my heart
would you take
it and break it
Or would you learn
to love and grow?

If I gave you my world could
I expect you to hold it close?
If I asked you to keep a
secret would you
let anyone know?

If I showed you who
I really was would you
leave me without question?
And If I loved you with
all my heart could you
over look my imperfections?
Or simply deny me without a
second thought and leave
my heart torn completely apart.

If this world were my battlefield,
could I expect you to
be my sword and shield?

If I had nothing left could
I expect you help me heal?
Or would you leave me to
the wolves of this world
so that I would be killed?
And if we truly loved
each other then really
what could hurt us?
But if I suddenly ceased to
exist could I live on in
your heart with a purpose?

If there were nothing left
could I see everything in you?
Or be lost to the darkness
and find a pain I never knew.
If time were forever could
we laugh at it while
holding hand and hand?
Or would I be left alone
always wondering if
God had a plan?

If life were corrupted by
false images and greed.
Could we be the only
ones able to walk without our
hearts filled with senseless needs?
And if we had each other
then really what else
would we need?

If they showed you a broader
path would you follow them?
Or stay with me for eternity?
Maybe one day you’ll learn to see,
but always realize you have a friend in me…

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lil Miss Angelou: Let me bathe in your spiritual nakedness

Lil Miss Angelou: Let me bathe in your spiritual nakedness: "Let me bathe in your spiritual nakedness Immerse me in your bareness Export me to places exclusive of fakeness And stress... Undress... ..."

The Amusement Park Called Life.


Life is like an amusement park
with many rides
up and down
twists and turns
loops and hoops
no solutions but
we’re all here to have fun
that’s until someone
questions the amusement

We’re all on a roller coaster
heading for the dip.
Don’t slip on this ride
because there are no seat belts
attached to your hips.
One wrong move and
the ride is over for you
this roller coaster we call life
why must we ride?

Someone once attempted
to tell me why but he died
when he said it was all a lie.
shot in the back but no one
knows who did it now all
where left with is more illusions.
They tell us don’t worry just
sit on the ride until the end
don’t question the amusement.

Picture perfect cotton candy.
popcorn and sweets.
so many temptations but it
Rottens my teeth
leaving me in misery.
Something must be wrong
when everything seems alright
but I dare not say anything
because I don’t want
to leave this ride
so I’ll sit quite experiencing
the blissful delight

Very strange before the man died
he said it was ignorance
not amusement but everyone
else chooses to sit
so I’ll say not a word
because it’s strange to be different.

The amusement park of life.
Carrousels spin round and round
then we all fall down.
So much noise so little time
to contemplate the truth.
So much to experience
but there is an end
the doors will soon shut
leaving me outside watching
everything pass me by.

It’s too fast it’s too fast I scream!!
But the last words
the man told me
don’t worry it’s all a dream.
but how long will
I last just sitting?

Welcome to the amusement
park called life where
illusions cause confusion
but everyone’s content
because they tell us
what’s important.
but in the end,
the man was right
It’s was all a lie-f.

George Ade'

Hidden Within the Darkness


The Undergroud Poets

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My deepest secrets
Hidden within the night
Remain they lie out of sight
Not yet penetrated by the light
& even as I strive to remain
Afloat as I continue to go on
How long can I remain strong
When it seems that hope is all gone?
Who is the true poet hidden behind
The lines you’ve now read?

Living this life searching for my eternal bread
So that I may live infinitely
without lust for any worldly temptation
eating until i'm full and finished
only to then search for more substenance
My life is truly no secret
Yet I remain far from the spotlight
The diary to my life not yet opened
I guess to most my cover with suffice
So my secrets remain out of sight
Who is it the true poet that remains
Hidden Behind these lines you’ve now read?

I truly am a kind to any other human
my fleshy brethren together
lost in this eternal world wind
as we continue to spin
into chaos and destruction
erupting are the truths of this
mighty universe & dammit does
the truth hurt when you’ve lived
your life forever searching for a purpose
only to then continue forever searching
may we together one day
flylike the bird in the sky
without need of a reason to fly high
until the fruition of that day
my secrets will remain out of sight
similar to the sun in the night
who is it the true poet hidden
behind these lines...?

Nick Ade The Poet

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black is Beautiful [Inspired by Sarah 'Sista K' Ke...


Are they intemidated by my dark skin
or could it be my inner passion 
expressed with my proficient lyrics 
striking similar to a sword
forever slashing as i continue 
drilling deeper into your cerebellum 

are they afraid for me to believe
that the tone I was given isn't truly a blessing?
that I can't be more than what they think I should be
that the only way for me to achieve  is for me
to know how to shoot a three In the NBA
they got me questioning why God made me black
but in the end I know the truth 
becasue God knew I could handle it
I can be what ever want to be
We already got a Black president so I know
we have the power to achieve anything

are they intimidated  by the tone of my skin?
for so many years they've tried
to convince me that i am subhuman
So i'm throwin up the middle finger to the wrold
and telling them it's just the way it is
and no matter what you say
you ain't changen the color of my skin

Are scared of what I could be?
giving me less than ideal situations in this life I lead
forcing the monster in me to be seen
then pointing a finger at me
as if I am the problem in this society 
The hate you give fucks everybody
so i'm screamin T.h.u.g Li.f.e
as I continue to live my life
I refuse to allow you to lie to me
no matter what they say to try and degrade me
I 'm Black and i'm proud to be.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Poet & The Pen [Part 2]

The Poet & The Pen [Part 2]

We bleed through similar veins
Through similar strains of the same blood line
The stains from the pain as we tried to find
A semblance of peace in these wicket streets
 a truth written within the lies they speak
searching for paradise away from the strife
unseen is the soul hidden within the flesh and bones
the pinnacle of our perfection are our lyrics
forever hidden from the light
in the darkness we weep only
to rise like optimus prime, we shine
like we are posed by the divine
our weapon more lethal than any Nine
with one mind in place we set to create a masterpiece
that can’t be overlooked by even the blind
some call us a poet, some call us a friend
but in the end you may label me a student
and my partner the mighty pen
in this hard knock life many lessons learned
hearts broken and many dreams burned
yearning for a better way to recover from the pain

We breathe with similar breaths
We step to a similar beat
unique is our mind, deep are our dreams
We live like there is a tomorrow
Because today can't be all that we see
Visualizing the unseen with every written line
Defining who we are with the lyrical art
All I need in this life of sin Is me and my pen
We are the definition of Lyrical expression
We are the light to the darkness
Sparking the passion lying dormant
Creating lyrical recipes like we
 are George Foreman on a grill
lyrical nurishing your appitite the better we write
when you look at me tell what it is you see?
if all you see is me, then you’ve not witnessed
the truth forever written within my soul
the truth is; I am one, the Poet and the Pen

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011

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