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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Endless Vista

The Undergroud Poets

Staring into an endless vista
Towards a forgotten road
Oddly familiar yet strangely different
From what I had last remembered.
I’ve been told stories long ago
About a world where cities
Are paved with diamonds & gold
So far from my soul yet so close,
Close enough to be remembered
Yet far enough to forget what it truly is
What’s funny isn’t what I had
Forgotten In all this time away
No, what’s funny is what
my mind led me to believe
forgetting so many of my dreams
captured & captivated by this reality
now it seems home is all I need
but I’ve wondered so far away
but now I’m lifted from the grave
I must have been saved for a purpose
Because the last thing I remember
I was Searching for a better way
Or some form of purpose.
I’ve searched for so long as I
wondered all along that endless sea
staring into an endless vista
wondering just where this road may lead me

Staring into an endless vista
Searching for something new
But what am I to do when all along
I had no clue that I’ve been
Searching for a better future
When I hold not the capacity to see
Things have a way to seem so
different if you’re not looking closely
I’ve yet to grasp or focus on the truth
So what am I to do when I forever
continue staring through my rear view
Man, I must be crazy Lord
For I know I’ve done much wrong
Yet I’m so far from done
Just call me young & dumb
Cause all I require is a blunt
It may not be long before I’m gone
But when the fat lady sings my final song
Remember just where I’ve been
Beckoning from for so long
can you visualize me without a worry
can you forgive me for all my sins
can you love me for all eternity
even when I deserve to burn & bleed
from all the negativity consuming me
that’s why you can forever catch me
forever staring into an endless vista
wondering just where this road may lead

Nick Ade The Poet


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