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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Amusement Park Called Life.


Life is like an amusement park
with many rides
up and down
twists and turns
loops and hoops
no solutions but
we’re all here to have fun
that’s until someone
questions the amusement

We’re all on a roller coaster
heading for the dip.
Don’t slip on this ride
because there are no seat belts
attached to your hips.
One wrong move and
the ride is over for you
this roller coaster we call life
why must we ride?

Someone once attempted
to tell me why but he died
when he said it was all a lie.
shot in the back but no one
knows who did it now all
where left with is more illusions.
They tell us don’t worry just
sit on the ride until the end
don’t question the amusement.

Picture perfect cotton candy.
popcorn and sweets.
so many temptations but it
Rottens my teeth
leaving me in misery.
Something must be wrong
when everything seems alright
but I dare not say anything
because I don’t want
to leave this ride
so I’ll sit quite experiencing
the blissful delight

Very strange before the man died
he said it was ignorance
not amusement but everyone
else chooses to sit
so I’ll say not a word
because it’s strange to be different.

The amusement park of life.
Carrousels spin round and round
then we all fall down.
So much noise so little time
to contemplate the truth.
So much to experience
but there is an end
the doors will soon shut
leaving me outside watching
everything pass me by.

It’s too fast it’s too fast I scream!!
But the last words
the man told me
don’t worry it’s all a dream.
but how long will
I last just sitting?

Welcome to the amusement
park called life where
illusions cause confusion
but everyone’s content
because they tell us
what’s important.
but in the end,
the man was right
It’s was all a lie-f.

George Ade'


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