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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Rose That Grew


The Rose that grew
from the concrete never
had a chance to speak
born into a world full of insanity
beckoning God to set him free
and seperate his mind from
the daze of everyday living
how hard it is to define
a soul that knows no success
and every breath is a step towards death
the worst question is the first question
when no one first takes the time to think
always remembering that I am
The Rose that grew from the concrete

Battle hardened my distinct nature
could never be plagiarized
I fly with time lyrically
exploding with every line
but will I die? Will I die...
no one knows so I stay
high to open my mind
focusing on each moment in time
never letting them know
what's really inside my eyes
until the fire inside my poetic lines
detonates and expires scorching
the page that held my scripture
in time i'll find peace mentally
but i'll always remember that I am
The Rose that grew from the concrete

I am the Rose but no one
knows who I am visually
mistaken as simply weak
but the concrete is now...
Only a memory
I now stand tall and free
growing like a masterpiece
prevailing over every enemy now
lyrically more real than what you see
but will the world ever see that I am
The Rose that grew from the concrete?

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010


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