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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Am I Your Stranger??

Am I your stranger, Did I come here by surprise?
to your eyes, am I another man yet to be uncovered
what could you discover if you only took the time?
would you judge me because I am not your brother?
am I a person you'd deny, would you pass me by
without a second thought in your mind?
If I died tonight on the pavement would you pray
for my soul to escape to a haven in the skies?
or would you label another statistic in this deadly life?
would it ever cross your mind that our soldiers die
time after time over superficial lines and religious divides.
Why is the question no one seems to put in their minds...
How different are we all when we all spin on this ride called life?
If I happened to come within your line of sight
would you ask if I were alright or would you
let the silhouette of my image rust within the sands of time?
would I be forgotten before ever looking in between my lines?
am I your stranger, Did I come here by surprise?
or maybe our destinies are truly intertwined and we never die
because I am your neighbor, not in need of a favor
but a "Hi". 
Hello my neighbor and I am here until the end of time

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013

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