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Monday, April 29, 2013

Tracing The Mind of a Poet


Trace these lines deep into a poetic mind
the pain like a fire that emanates from the inside
Elevate my world to a higher dimension alive
my consciousness I listen to & kindle with my pen
I find solace in my abode far from the world of shadows
Like a song that goes to the tune of a beat of inner ink
Poetry is to me a way to breath more spiritually

Trace my every line to the end to find
a story that can't otherwise be publicized
weather or not the world can realize my words
I continue to purge thoughts that emerge in my solitude
Through the lives that have lived & died long before I
ever decided to lift a pen or even put words into motion
I use poetry as my potion like it was my addiction

Trace these lines to find what otherwise can't be described
when a poet decides to put their heart and mind on page
words fall short of the joys & pain that came along
I search for no fortune or fame I gained that at birth
Now I'm cursed with a blessing to rehears until my hearse
Poetry is a gift to a poet or may they burst at the seams
feelings that can't be hidden from eyes, I feel them inside

Trace each & every line deep inside a mind
that took nine months to provide the foundation
for the experiences I project from the pen
Like a sculptor who repents for all his many sins
with each stroke that promotes artistic soul growth
Give me a paper and pen see me never again
witness the blueprints of a Poet until the very end..

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013


Saturday, April 27, 2013

One day at a time


One day at a time
Sometimes I wake wondering the parallels of destiny and fate
Sometimes I just want to vacate this place, trapped in a maze
But can I ever simply escape my own mental mind state
Lost in a society that wants to exterminate us, the human race
The key to elevate is to continue moving one day at time

What’s on my mind 
As I continue to  grow older with time is the simple question
Am I fulfilling my own destiny, I don’t want to be a slave to the grind
But only a few chosen rise, I am alive so my destiny will provide 
So I stay focused on the prize as I continue growing one day at a time 

I keep hoping please, If God you are truly listening to me
Enlighten us as your living seeds because when we bleed
We plead not for the next man but our own living miseries
Let us learn to think not separately but as continuum of unity
realistically it seems we continue to bleed a river of pain while chasing our dreams
A whisper when I sit and think about the things on my mind currently 
Something reminds me; continue growing one day at a time 

I can only say I’ll try until the day I die  
To many of us have died before we had the chance to fly
Let the doors open wide, and breath success into our lives
Money isn't a way to define; my measure can’t be evaluated by
 The currency I posse in my cow hide, I simply grow one day at a time

Addicted to weed and getting green but that can’t hide 
the pain I feel inside; It’s like I’m only living materialistic life
I know I gotta continue going & growing one day at a time 
Keeping my eyes on the prize when the world is slowly 
Committing genocide on our wishes to simply get by 
Growing to be the man with a plan to survive to witness better times
Going further than a nine to five in time but I know I must continue growing
One day at a time. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

By Far You Are


Beautiful by far, you are simply a work of art
Physically indeed I am fully entranced by everything I see
From the surface to the less unseen you are completely amazing
Words don’t possess the true definition because at any instant
I can find more than what words can describe in pupil of your eyes
What is life without a little bit of passion from time to time?
What is any man alive without a strong and confident woman by his side?
 As soon as the moon is evident in the sky, I’ll be your ride towards the sky
when the sun submerges within the horizon and you begin to close your eyes
I’ll take you where dreams reside and reality has no power to confine our minds
Free yourself to me, I’ll return you safely without worries of anything
I want only memories of pure ecstasy when you are in my vicinity
Our love, this bond I want in time to be able to conquer any and all enemies
You are, by far, one of a kind similar to the taste of a fine wine; aged
In the cellar not touched by the hands of time away from erosion and grind
I want to excavate the love in you that predates what people had to say
Let me elevate your heart and mind to higher locations today
Let’s make history so the world can say we are the epitome of love
Make jealous of these bitches and I’ll make envious of these niggas
With us together, who could devise a prettier picture to witness?

 Nick Ade The Poet © 2013


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