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Monday, April 29, 2013

Tracing The Mind of a Poet


Trace these lines deep into a poetic mind
the pain like a fire that emanates from the inside
Elevate my world to a higher dimension alive
my consciousness I listen to & kindle with my pen
I find solace in my abode far from the world of shadows
Like a song that goes to the tune of a beat of inner ink
Poetry is to me a way to breath more spiritually

Trace my every line to the end to find
a story that can't otherwise be publicized
weather or not the world can realize my words
I continue to purge thoughts that emerge in my solitude
Through the lives that have lived & died long before I
ever decided to lift a pen or even put words into motion
I use poetry as my potion like it was my addiction

Trace these lines to find what otherwise can't be described
when a poet decides to put their heart and mind on page
words fall short of the joys & pain that came along
I search for no fortune or fame I gained that at birth
Now I'm cursed with a blessing to rehears until my hearse
Poetry is a gift to a poet or may they burst at the seams
feelings that can't be hidden from eyes, I feel them inside

Trace each & every line deep inside a mind
that took nine months to provide the foundation
for the experiences I project from the pen
Like a sculptor who repents for all his many sins
with each stroke that promotes artistic soul growth
Give me a paper and pen see me never again
witness the blueprints of a Poet until the very end..

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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