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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What Can Define


Beautiful isn't quite the word when I search
my entire heart and mind when emotions emerge 
Beautiful can't quite describe why I lay awake at night
my attempts to define fall short when I witness you alive
Beautiful wouldn't be true if I had a chance to label you
Shake my core with your love and I will continue to adore
your every curvature like I was a sculptor inspired by your features
Beautiful wouldn't quite describe what I witness in my eyes
Like a new form of high, I remain addicted to your prescription
Beautiful I testify to all who listen to the words I use in my description 
passions flowing like the river of life as I sail upon it at midnight
using the moonlight as my guide; Illuminate my mind like a candlelight 
Beautiful wasn't meant to define only to describe the feelings that arise 
Kiss me back to life so I can rise like the phoenix in the sky until my 
untimely demise where I'll crash to the surface where I'll die
resurrect me with your ultimate beauty before I begin to flat line
Beautiful like a one of a kind; fine wine not yet eroded by time
Beautiful like I was blind yet had the ability to see what God co-signed
Beautiful like a redundant statement when all eyes are fully aware of your creation
Beautiful isn't quite the statement yet I purge words that submerge into your mind
As if I were possessed the divine to submit each & every line on paper 
until a poem would arise then I would publicize a story that could define
By the end, only beauty would be found in the depths of your eyes.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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