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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Road Not Yet Traveled


The road least traveled on
Is the same road I've known for so long
The road which few have ever known; I stay close
Within its vicinity far from the reaches
Of the masses that preach conformity
I travel the road least seen by any
Yet the scenery is something to witnessed
I often wonder how any could have missed this
Never could it be replicated, recreated, or reevaluated
The road I travel is situated in a more divine realm
Perfection is the one and only definition required to define
For not even the greatest of eyes could ever
bring to light, a better definition to describe
The road I travel on by day as I contemplate by night
I journey this road alone, going deeper into the unknown
I travel the road far too many have passed on
I stay within this zone to bask in what has yet to be shown
My friends and even my enemies tell me to come home
But I've traveled this road for far too long to return
As I yearn for company, I realize that I will forever remain three
Me, myself, and I forever by my side as I travel on
The road not many have ever known….

 Nick Ade The Poet © 2011



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