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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Night Sky


It is something about the night sky 
that reminds me why I love this life
In the depths of the darkness you can find
light that shines higher than any Earthly high
like no matter how much I mentally try to climb
I'll always be able to elevate higher if I tried
in the silence of the night sky, I'll always fly

In the silence of the night I can always find 
why there's always a reason to just unwind 
let the world slow it's steady moving grind
as I now intertwine my mind with the light
above this world where we fight for our lives
let me escape the physical confines to delight 
in a moment where only the most high will suffice

It is something about the darkness in the night
that sparks an artist to unload their lyrical might
I have no holds as my eyes behold it all in sight
the darkness of the night I dance in the spotlight 
Each thought  more clear in each corner of my mind
it's like I don't even remember the concept of "time"
look in the darkness and you'll find me basking the sky

In the darkness of a silent moonlit night 
look into deepest recesses of your conscious mind
you'll find the essence for eternal life illuminated by light
surrounded by what seems to be hard to first realize
but with time as you slowly unwind with these poetic lines 
remember to look into the darkness of the night sky
open your mind and imagine what next the sky will publicize
through the power of a universe full of starry delights
take a trip to brand new heights in the silence of the night sky...

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013




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