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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Real Man Within


By way of inner vibes I lyrically scribe
poetic lines as I reveal the real man inside
infinite lines that seep through the sands of time
looking back on my past always reminds me 
of younger years where I had few fears, maybe a few tears 
which made me much stronger throughout all the years
now things seems so unclear as I watch the world spin 
looking through my rear view mirror as I peer at my destiny
praying to God nothing too important passes me
working for the money is stressing me as females
continue texting me asking me when i'll be free 
my state of mind is unyielding to all the worldly calamity
I move at full speed towards my destiny with marks 
of all my experiences evident throughout my entire body
my momma once asked me what happen to her baby?
Now a man and my plan isn't to see another jail cell
life in a living hell stuck watching as others my age prevail
in my teens my middle finger is what you'd probably see
now as a man I ask God for forgiveness as I now beg
to simply multiply my blessing even if they remain in disguise
I closed my two eyes and open my mind to the third eye
now I look at the world in panoramic sight watching 
the world in true light lifted from the materialistic disguise 
my poetic lines show the inner growth through these
lyrical stories told of a person who isn't really old enough
to fully know the grander of all his mistakes in the physical
yet you'll never see me vacate until life has it's final say
I simply pray for a better days as the harshness of reality
has me stuck deep within my own mental dreams 
only awakening to make love to the money then back
to the sheets where I lyrical bring worlds of my mentality to the page
Why did God make me a poet if I where to simply hold 
these emotions in my soul never to be seen nor shown
I may never be perfect by time i'm finally dead and gone
but I promise this, when my flesh does rot and is dust again
I'll make sure to repent for each of my sins through this pen 
as I reveal the real man within...

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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