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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Believe in Your Dreams

In my mind’s eye I search to define
What isn't even possible to describe
In words as I try to find a way to decide
Just who I am in this human embodiment 
I sail the mighty ocean of life rocketed by my 
Own banishment from my mental haven 
Who am I inside as I continue to live my life? 
One crawl, one fall, one step at a time, after time
I wonder why we must live to die without ever learning to fly
Physically I lack the capability to reach into the sky
In my eyes I realize I am not perfection even still
I try to capture its essence in this materialistic life
A man, a woman, a child all have one thing that unifies 
The power of their minds to dream of worlds not even
Mapped geographically with no possibility to physically reach
Yet it is inside the depth of our dreams that we mold
our own realities to be created realistically in a world
bent on conformity and prejudice without prior knowledge 
of the struggle and strife it is just to believe in our own dreams
I refuse to craft my own coffin spiritually so I use other options 
To live eternally without fear of any enemy because
I see it very clearly that I can be my own doorway to defeat 
If I ever decided to castrate my dreams and live for a world 
That tries to condemn me without ever first witnessing 
the true depth and realness of all my deepest of dreams

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011


Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby do you love me?


Is there a real woman out there for me
Will she be enticed by my words of poetry?
Maybe everything was all simply a dream
As I live daily in this reality searching her
Can I ever really be labeled a king if I live
Without my truest queen in my vicinity?
I want to triumph over each and every
Enemy who would dare challenge our unity
I reign supremely when I know I can wake up
with the woman created just for me next to me
Can I love her forever without any contemporaries?
Authentic is my love not phony so love me without worries
Pull the lever so I may release all your truest pleasures
Like an elevator I lift you to cloud nine with you
Always on my mind throughout all the times
Baby, come and hug me when you rub me
Turn the lights down, we in the dark now, do you love me?
Tell me what you need when you see me
And we can get it on baby just take it easy
Don’t try to hold or control me but you can
take my number baby call me when you're lonely
because it isn't necessary to live without me
life wasn't made to go on into eternity without
a man who’ll love you always unconditionally
first love yourself fully but please allow me to be
the one that sweeps you from your feet and bring
you lyrically to a world not mapped geographically

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011


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