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Thursday, February 16, 2012

~As My Heart Beats, My Pen Bleeds~

Death is my one & only neighbor 
Life is my one & only friend 
Sin is my only tribulation a trail I closely resent 
To repent for my sins is my real destination 
Yet I detour when I lose focus of its importance 
Writing is my only true escape on the blank page
Self-love is what I need to radiate to dispel the pain
Similar to a camp fire generating heat to embrace
Self-hate must vacate for that to take place
Music takes me away to my dreamy mind state
Yet reality rears its ugly face when I awake
So I dream, I dream of majestic beauty lyrically 
Sailing away with no bill collectors in haste of me
Lord forgive me for I know, I live unpredictably, predictable 
Feeling despicable the more I live for more of the same
Turning the pages slowly in my life to decided where
I need to publicize the true meaning to the darkness inside
But in the end, death is the only one standing outside
Yet I live to love, to write with life forever by my side
As the hour glass fills with the mighty sands of time…

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If Tomorrow Should Never Come

If tomorrow should never come
Don’t wait for me because I’m already gone
If the song bird ceases to rise to the morning skies
To sing the lovely tune to start the rest of our lives
Don’t deny me the pleasure of singing to myself 

Inside my heart I am at center stage in the spotlight
If tomorrow is what we choose to dream
Then I’ll choose to be a part of another reality
Where I’ll choose to be free of the chains
The future had on me presently as we speak
If tomorrow should never come don’t worry me today
because what is tomorrow but yesterday's today
I heard it all yesterday so today must be fate
This day I create a new door from which I escape
To a brand new day erasing yesterday’s pain 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

Diary of the Poetic Mind


My ambition to continually put this pen to the pad
And bleed this lyrical ink that continually entrances
Those that read has me elevated higher than
Even the most potent dosage of weed because
Lyrically I speak the potent depths of my soul
As I unload the pains in my heart now exposed
I unfold my pages  to show the unknowns to a world so cold
Can they relate to man that has shown more
Than what the eye could ever see physically?
What possibly could they see visually when viewing 
I show them lyrically that I am more real verbally
Yet never listen when the world speaks of me
As if they’ve heard of me simply read between
The lines to define a man outside his mind
Within a realm that can’t be touched by time
Look into my eyes oh heavenly divine to realize
I am that I am… One of a kind so I can never
Be eroded by the mighty sands of time

These words I spew are a blueprint to
Understand me more than what you
Could ever label me as; if you knew
I can be heartless too but my soul
Enables me to never be erased
No matter how many wolves surround
After the darkness has settled around curfew
I am the diamond in the Earth yet discovered
By the eyes that mine the flesh to define 
I am unlike any other yet I am simply your
Brother drinking from the same river of life
Yet I am never confined by the box that
surrounds minds to bind them to normality
I may be crazy but never a casualty of these
Words that passionately define and tear at me verbally
Releasing all the mighty trials and tribulations within me
Conquering them all simply by living day after day
Read the diary to my poetic page the journal
That documents my name and where I came
Only defined by the words that emanate
From my soul which this world will never take…

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Happy Valentines] The Woman in my Eyes


Hi there young beautiful girl
Is it ok if I take a moment to let
You know, you’ve brighten my world
More beautiful than a shooting star
By far you are the most precious
girl to me no matter how far physically
I can easily see; you’re more beautiful
Than any diamond ring on the finger of a queen
I’m always reaching new levels of divinity
As we continue making love in the driver’s seat
Pulled by the lines of my poetic dominancy
Making us legendary molding history on our canvas
For all the stars in the universe to see up above
Our love is a masterpiece never to be replicate
call it Mona Lisa for even Stevie Wonder could see
 the beautiful Poetry we’re making together as we
romance forever  Making song birds weep
 the sweet silent nectar Of our lyrical supremacy
over any & all others Entranced by the essence
our bodies meshing Closely like rain drops in stormy weather
I am your umbrella, I call you my Cinderella
For only one shoe fits the only woman on my list
To persistently kiss until she truly knows
How much I adore her succulent lips
Through the rain, I have no pains only more
Life to gain as I sustain this love, call me deranged
But all I’m simply saying is, you’re the most
Beautiful woman in all existence
Happy Valentine’s Day 

from your Poetic Prince
Nick Ade The Poet © 2012

I am more than what you see [Collab Featuring Emmalea Fair]

[Emmalea Fair]

when you look at me, what do you see?
a person with a dream in front of you--
but will this dream ever come true?
What am I to do but be true to myself
When no one else could see my genuine pristine
before you judge me take a closer look
deeper so you can see the finer intricacies
i see the whispers, i hear the stares- do you even care?
If I was never there would you notice
My presence where absent from the air?
if you only knew what pain i've had to bear..
living a lie because your vision simple wasn’t clear
if we could trade places, how would it be?
i'd give you a chance instead of giving you a glance.
nothing comes easily,
but you don't know where i've come from.
instead of going by the eye,
why don't you just ask why?
if you think you have it all just because i smile,
then you're wrong.
i've had to become so strong.
hopefully when i tell my story, you'll understand,
but until then, believe what you can.
I am more that what you see
But when you look at me
What is it that you see?
A simple girl with a pretty face?
You seem to be looking towards the wrong places
My passion my beauty, my soul, unknown
Because you’ve decided to witness my physical
I am more than what you see
But if all you see is me
Then obviously you don’t see a thing.

[Nick Ade' Poet]

I am more than what you see
But if all you see is me
Then obviously you don’t see a thing
I am invisible unseen to the eye
More real are my lines
That define a poetic soul
Lyrical and spiritual
Simply call me a ghost
Because lyrically I float
Take a toke of my poetry
But don’t choke because
My lyrics are of a higher potency
I am not your reflection I am my own unique being
So when you look at me Understand
my realness is what dwells deep
I move to my own beat, i'm strange as can be
but never compromising a thing
because to be "normal" would be the end of me
I am more than what you see
Your clarification not needed
Lyrically I preach like I was Martin Luther King
Fore I have a dream that one day
We may see one another clearly
But if all you ever see is me
Then you’ll never see the complexity
Of my true being which is unseen
so If all you ever see is me
Then obviously you've never seen a thing.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011
Ft. Emmalea Fair

Monday, February 13, 2012

She Said


She said;
she wants a true lover
Somebody to hold and cover her
When she’s alone and cold
Someone to inspire her with hope and inspiration
When she facing a world that's always hatin
That she wants Someone to do her right
The type of man that will treat her
like she knows that she deserves
But Before she begins any serious relation
That she’s looking for a friend to the very end

I told her I would lover her forever
If she could love me through thick and thin
That I may not own a Benz But I will always
be there as a friend until the very end
That I would make her feel good
when she’s feelin miserable and sick
I would make her laugh when she’s
feeling down to uplift her spirits
That I would always give her a kiss
To let her know she has the softest lips
that she is the princess that I love
and when I’m not worthy of the title of prince

She said;
she wants someone she can lean on
To uplift her and make her strong
Someone to always be there
Or never be gone for too long
Someone that will let her know
That she is always beautiful
Even when her cosmetics aren’t close

I told her that I always want to lift her up
Because her happiness is what
Would be what keep me strong
That I will never be gone for too long
Because Our love is what connects our souls
Which allows me to live on even when I’m gone
with Her passion ever outlastin the hate
I told  her that no matter what came our way
we would continue to move as 1 until our dying day

She said;
she often thinks at night
Of the man she that will come take her heart away
only to awake a new day to see the same old thing
that the reality of her current situation
makes Her want to quit on her dreams
of being with the man she desperately wants
that life isn’t meant for fantasies
when fantasies only lead to misery

I told her to look at me
And listen to how I speak
That my words are poetry
And all she needs to do is faith in me
Because I want to be the shining knight of her dreams
Come to this reality and be the remedy
To the situation she is currently in
That even when it would seem pointless
To never forget that she means everything to me
That I will bow to her feet because her
Essence is royalty and her love is heavenly

Then she looked at me and told me
No one’s ever spoken to her that way
That she had given up after many days
Of the same old lines; the same old games
That this loveless life had driven her insane
That few men even said her name
most Only refereed to her as “Babe”

Then I said;
I am, That; I am
I am Not like any other man
I am the man meant for you
sent here to suffer through
many nights alone because
no other girl could fill your shoes
if only you could see that
the words  I speak are true
then Maybe you could understand
that there is nothing else I can do
but have love eternally for you.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remember To Be Thankful

Remember To Be Thankful.

A world with so little understanding and so little peace.

I pray that the dead ones can finally rest their heads in eternal sleep.

Finding happiness in this world is like our cherished memories.

We may remember a glimpse of it but hardly enough satisfy our need.

Memories of our past days when we walked and talked,

Now like everything else in life is a mere foot print in the sands of time.

Now it seems we can only cherish those humble days and

Be thankful for them as we move forward day by day.

There is no manual on how to our lives and all I can hope is

That my family will be there and I’ll know I’ll be alright.

Sometimes what’s really important can be hard to see

But simply look back and you’ll remember your family.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010
Dedicated To My Uncle Harold
My Grandmother
And all loving spirits that have moved on.

The Power of a : )

A simple smile on your
face would make all
my problems go away.
My life is hard, I 
would love to just melt
between the seams 
and never be seen again
but your smile melts 
all my problems away 
and brings happiness
to my crazy mind state.
My life is like roller coaster
with the wheels busted off,
slowly inching for the
dip and I don’t know
If I can handle it.
I would love to change
But I don’t know how.
God I prayed to you
But you have yet to reply.
I would love to just die
But with your smile
I am suddenly alive
so death can wait
another day because
today, I’m just enjoying
that smile on your face : ) 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010

I am a Phoenix

I am not worthy of her presence.
I am not worthy of her kiss.
I thank God for her smile
because it brings light
to my darkness.
While I’m alone I think
about nothing but you.
I want nothing more in life
than to be at her side
until the end of time.

I will never run out
of words to say
because I’m in love
and love knows no time
and my spirit can’t
contemplate demise
because God opened
my eyes long ago to the truth
that my spirit is eternal
and I want to spend it
eternally with you.

I’ve searched for the reason
To why I’m hurting.
Prayed many nights
For the will to fight another day
In the end it was all the same.
Wanted to end it all
Because no one
cared if I fall.
Then I saw that
smile on her face.
Now like the phoenix
I can fly another day.
I’ll fly high into the sky
With her smile as my plane.

I nearly went insane
That’s until God blessed me
with the girl of my dreams.
I have so much soul
That the world doesn’t know
how to hold me.
but it means nothing
without her in my arms.

They told me who I was
but they never really knew.
Girl I’m telling you now
I’ll give it all to you.
Then you can tell them
the truth about me
but regardless I want
you as my girl for all eternity.

Learn to see, that I’m not
Changing only gaining
Experiences as I go.
But I don’t want to
Go no mo unless
She’s in my world.

Line after line, poem after poem.
But all the words could not
express the truth about
the way I feel about you.
Nothing would compare
to three little words;

I_ Love_ You.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010

Starry Night

Starry Starry Night.
As I paint a portrait 
with my words.
I watch the angels play.
Spirits speak the mysteries
of the day and I listen
to their spiritual mystic. 
When I wake to see the sun rising.
I wonder how to fly 
just as I have in my dreams.

Starry Starry Night
An overwhelming darkness
In the sky with stars 
that shine O so bright.
The light in my heart
like a shining star 
In the dark sky above.
I am the artist who
paints without a brush.

Starry Starry Night
A mysterious scene.
Stars that shine on me
that existed generations
before the artist you see.
But gone in the timeless sea.
Somehow still the light 
manages to find little ol me.

Starry Starry Night
I thank God for the canvas
bestrode upon me.
Like a gift for us all to see.
Starry night, I welcome you
with my heart not eyes.
Watch over the artist
until his demise 
where he too can join
the great canvas in the sky
and the world can watch
his star shine bright and true.
Starry Starry Night 
I thank you.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010

Guillotine Of Love

[George Ade]

I take comfort knowing the truth.
The truth is I know nothing
but I see everything in you.
What can I say, what should I do?
Who can I trust when love
Is like a guillotine cutting my
head from my body
leaving me mindlessly
in love with you.
My life is like a
fire storm of strife
but the cool sensation of your kiss
saves me from my fate
me turning into a loveless
Bar-B-Que crisp.
I exist to be a poet
but I can’t go on
without you by my side.
I’ve been blind for so long
and now I see like A,B,C
we are meant to be.

[Carol Cane]

How can I be when
I cannot be the one
you thought you knew?
Yes we fell hard
on the rock ever
flowing with hope
denied by my existence.
I could not let go of what
I held for so long.
as I longed for comfort
I found you staring
right through me.
what I held never was how
I felt empty as I fabricated
my purpose sing me the words
that once melted my being.
I have loved many none compared.
how I am self destructed
by the thoughts of you
that could never be.
Reality salutes you as defeat
surrenders to its master.
All that is left are these
forgotten memories

Written by;
George Ade' & Carol Cane © 2010

The Poet & The Pen

The friends we've made
The friends we've lost
The days that past
The smiles we've brought
ashes to ashes Dust to dust 
but our fellowship outlast.
Our memory never forgotten

Even when our bodies decay. 
Only a silhouette of our former glory 
A shadow on the Earth
never seen to those that cheer.
Spiritually accepted, Physical ignored 
We are mightier than the sword
We've opened the doors
To true existence and in an instant
We brought peace.
through poetry we speak

At last we became friends 
a bond that could never end
through the hardships and sins
the ink I've spilled never to be replaced again
we saw it all never to fall 
to the same mistake twice
ever growing with each day
but it's like a roll of the dice
never knowing our final demise. 

We've mastered poetry
Now it comes easier than breathing.
the people we've seen
the things we've experienced 
the lives we've touched 
with one stroke of the poetic brush
We could never truly separate
But now we part ways only to say farewell 
we’ll always be together 
no matter how much 
they try to break us 
the facts are clear and the truth is here
we will always be together

our symbiotic relationship
we mesh together better than PB&J
you are my form of breathing
I am the physical spirit 
Guiding you to the poetic depths
We show them the God within.
Our oneness is the greatest 
never separated or replicated
always together until the end.
The Poet and The Pen.

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010


I Am

I am a rare piece that shines brightly 
I am the broken and the weak
but that’s what makes me strong and mighty
I am wise with a deep fire inside
that cannon be extinguised 
no matter how hard you try
I am a diamond that’s hard to find
You see a lump of dirt 
but the true beauty is underneath 
I am a poetic being 
No more no less 
but never expect to see 
what you can’t believe 
I am a ghost walking 
I talk the talk 
because I was forced to walk my way
I am more than what you can explain
so don’t listen to them when they 
try to describe me 
I am an artist living in the flesh
but my time will soon be at an end
then I will fly in the night
and vanish like a mystic I am
I am that I am but I am 
not greater than the whole
but don’t show me any limits 
I’ve mastered them before
I am King and I am peasant
I am lost and I am found 
I am confused and now I question
No time for second guessing 
I must focus on this reality
while staying true to me until the end
I am a nightmare 
to those that spread ignorance
I am the light in the darkness
that will not vanquish or submit 
I am a friend and a kind soul indeed 
but don’t push me 
because i’m already insane.
I am no more than a piece 
of a great mystery 
lost in the sands of time 
looking at my history
I am a poet, I am a friend, 
I am a mystic pushed to the limits. 
I am a rare piece that shines brightly 
I am the broken and the weak
but that’s what makes me strong and mighty.

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

Long Island Rain


Rainy days on the Island Long
I sing my lyrical song
as the thunder beats against the Earth
The mystical chirps of the rain drops
I stop to think as I look deep
into the glass but much
further past what can be seen
Now I hear not a thing
even as the rain falls towards me
Heavenly and free no judgment
because I am now apart of
the few that take the time to contemplate
as the rain falls throughout the Long Island day

Rainy Days on the Island Long
today isn't a day my
physical travels begun
No I am trapped singing my lyrical song
as the rain taps my window
the wetness dripping long
the thunder claps and I witness
the divine as I sit alone
discovering there is no time
I am spiritually free as
the rain continues falling
hidden are the suns rays
but that doesn't diminish
the ever growing smile on my face
as darkness creeps upon the scene
grey clouds and thunder rumbling
now I take the time to contemplate
as the rain falls throughout the Long Island day
George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

I am one of a Kind

I am one of a kind
with a lyrical mind
trapped in the fabrication of time
made real by our simple minds
I spend many days alone
wondering the truth
but there is no solution
because our youth is hopeless
I can't seem to focus
so I stay incoherent 
spiritually lifted so I don't
have to listen to the lies
I am one of a Kind

With a simple goal in mind
to be the best at my best
and at the very least
to be the least expected 
I excel because I lyrically previal
I sail on the sands of time
more lethal than any 4-5
you couldn't drop me with you nine
because I am one of a Kind

 George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

The Poor Get Ignored

In our society we are more likely to see
money,cars, and clothes.
the newest designer labels
to hit the fancy stores 
over a child starving in a ghetto
with no coat to fend him
from a world so lonley and cold
we fight overseas to preseve freedom
yet I see clearly freedom
taken away everyday
in the land of the brave

No one has the balls to say
a damn thing because apparently
independent thinking is the
worst idea since Vanilla Ice
No one open their eyes to the lies
creativity stripped away
in place we have dollar bills
to fill the void in our lives
we trade our souls for the "Good Life".

Will the world ever know
of the struggles some face?
in place of a hand shake
we push each other away
standing alone screaming 
why are we so blind to the facts
reality is only a dream
but a nightmare for many
not deemed human because
they don't have the money to speak

We turn the other cheek
leaving them in the Hell
they desperately want to escape
we create a new wave of hate
each time we ignore the facts
no one wants to see misery
yet no one speaks up for change
the poor are the ones who suffer
but who gives a fuck about them
the stares on the face of truth
but we choose to ignore the obvious knocks
even when they continue knocking at our doors

2 score and 2 years ago 
a man named Dr. King had a dream
only to be shot down for preaching peace
this is the world in which we dwell
 yet no one does a damn thing to expel
the ignorance and the hate
the poor get erase because
society chooses to embrace
the dollar bill over anyone
with a black or brown face 

Ask yourself why another 
child had to die tonight
I guess the poor wasn't destined to fly
only destined die forgotten in the night
Lord do you see the darkness
can you elighten your artist because
I am lost on these New York Streets
apparently the only thing I was destined to do is  write
but I lay out of sight writing
the truth we so desperately need

But I guess they don't see...

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

And Still I Rise [Inspired By; Maya Angelou]

Fallen From the sky
Feeling like God condemn me to die
And still I rise to live eternally alive
Broken in the night
Feeling like life isn’t worth the fight
Lost and feeling and weak
Broken falling to my knees
And still I rise to see another morning
Heartless and cold no peace no mo
Feeling down pushed to the ground
and still I rise from the Earth like the phoenix to the sky
Hurt because I can’t seem to be first
But still I rise because I am one in Gods Eye.
Weak because life is cheap
But still I rise to achieve more than
what an entire lifetime can provide
Lonely and misunderstood
Feeling like I did the best I could
Only to fail because I was told I wasn’t born to prevail
and still I rise because Love is my sail
To escapes the confines of this deadly Hell

I rise and I rise until the end of time
Never truly knowing defeat
Because an Almighty God Dwells within me
I sleep by night and I rise by day
I die in life only to resurrected
to the heavenly divine in the afterlife.
I Rise to the sky to dwell within the light
I am one with the pen the page is my canvas
I slip and fall and miss important calls
Only to rise to the occasion leaving
Everyone in awe.

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

She is one of a kind

On a scale of 1 to 10 you’re an eleven
as I glance into your eyes I am taken
on a ride to the heavenly divine
a high I can't seem to describe in words
You are so beautiful a true sight to behold
Your smile is worth more than gold
 you are beautiful and o so very sweet
a one of a kind type of girl that brings me to my knees
with a smile that has the power to cut deep
inside of me unveiling the truth unseen

As I search for a way to sum up
the will to fight another day as I wake
I am taken away to a strange new place
When  I suddenly witness your sweet lovely face
you grace me with a beauty I am not
worthy to witness with my human eyes
I have not the time to describe
Exactly how you make feel inside
Just understand your beauty is one of a kind

life is short but attraction is true
truthfully it would be hard to go on
in this world without someone as beautiful as you
give me a chance to romance you with my words
don't take me for granted
because my words speak truth
destiny and fate intertwine
like red wine and grapes which
allows me the chance to witness
a truly beautiful girl that has
the most lovely face and a smile
to forever take me away...

Geroge "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2010

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rare Beauty

You are a rose nearly impossible to posses.
But that only makes you all the more attractive.
Surrounded by mystics and dragons.
You are a rare beauty that sets my heart aflame.
I came into the world cold and bare.
But with you there I am warm and at home.
You have my life in the palm of your hand
I only hope you understand
that I am not like any other man.
I don’t want you to ball me up and throw me away
Not before you look at my page.
See the inner beauty in my soul
but please don’t judge me because
Only God really Knows Who I am.
I am the nice guy and for that I rarely get a reply.
Nice guys finish last in the eyes of man.
But rewarded greatly in the presence of God.
I don’t care however, I only want you.
No thanks or applause for the way I walk
No love or affection when I speak the truth.
No amount of words seem to sway you.
But I’m telling you the truth I’d walk
a thousand miles just to see your smile.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010

I Orchestrate From the Pen

I orchestrate from the pen

Pulling the lyrical content

That lies dormant within

I build a masterpiece

Something that makes people believe

And want to read and never end

I spark my lyrical art

which pleases the soul

Only I don’t know how much

It affects the world until I'm told.

I couldn’t be anything thing else

So I showed them I could

Be anything in their wildest dreams

As long as I keep writing

I can manifest my dreams into reality.

I orchestrate from the pen

Pulling my soul to forefront

I give it to you like no other can

Making some think I’m more than a man

But I am nothing more than what I am

I freestyle a line in no time

And leave my audience applauding to the end

I tell you the truth poetry comes with ease

Putting tears to the eyes of many.

I orchestrate from the pen

Pulling out my soul which lies

asleep within my heart

I awake it with a spark

I write lyrical art like

I am the lyrical Vincent Van Gogh

But I am like no other before

Pulling from the depths of my soul

I orchestrate from the pen.

Leaving my audience cheering until the


Nick Ade The Poet © 2010

Pushed to the Limit

Pushed to the limit of sanity
Lost with no hand to reach
Gone are the childhood memories of my better dayz
Hardened is my heart with no chance to save
Lost is his sheep outcast as weak
When I simply decided to be me
no reason to be a part of a generation that
Can’t understand my swagg
How long will I last in the dark path?
Living the life of an outlaw or maybe a dying outcast.

Don’t ask me about the past it was all bad.
If you only knew the truth
about the poet you come to
no coat to cover me so I’m never fake
I’m real I’m what you see but never
a need to reap or explain my mentality.
I don’t need the jewelry or the fame.

Absent is my smile with no reason to change
smiles and tears was the aftermath from this dirty game.
Am I insane or was this simply how the world made me?
Lord save me because I’m nearing my limit.
Sent a final message now here is the question.
Why I am hurt when I choose to heal?

Cursed since birth my gift made me different.
Nowhere else to run so now
I’m forced to face the unfaceable.
incapable of change unfazeable so now I’m deranged
I don’t give a damn that’s why I’m mellow
with my spirit constantly attacked by the devil.
special was my creation take it back!
….But I’d rather live the life of an outcast
than live the life of a man that only listens.

With an undeniable flow living in a world
So lonely and so cold no one really
Knows the truth about me
I walk these cold streets
Living without a goal to reach
I preach the truth as If I knew
The fact is, I was forced to see

I must be Schizophrenic
Because I’m hearing voices talking to me
But never an answer to my questions
Only whispers of silence
my solitude brings me more in tune.
My unambitious attitude
is only because I choose not to.
I’m too focus on my reality
No money in my pockets
So God understand I have to grind to eat.
Not feeling sorry but this is the way it is
Niceness didn’t suffice so now I’m forced to fight.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2010

Who Am I?

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a mystery
unseen to many
you couldn't possibly believe
when you glance at me
the true reality
of who I really am
double take as
much as you need
but you will come no closer
to understanding me

[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
I am undefined
yet well known across
the stratosphere of time,
Composed of drifting particles
of love flowing through
infinite bloodlines

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a mystic
with great capabilities
only unlocked
once you push me
to the limits of my being
the obstacles I seek
but never knowing them
because I am ever passing
surpassing the boundaries
you said I couldn't exceed

[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
running through souls carved,
sketched, and etched
from the majesty of God's design
and hearts that set free gold
and scarlet dreams
dispersing them on high..

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a dream
who can't be stopped
because my poetry
is the manifestation
of everything I dream
brought to this reality
with my lyrical steel
the only question
is what can’t I be?

[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
I am heavy as
a concrete rose
catching diamonds
from a child's eyes..
the way from death to
immortality A cosmic shift
towards a new state of mind..

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a masterpiece
who can’t be seen
or replicated by the phonies
don’t judge me if you
don’t know me
don’t try to hold me
I was born ready to go
the secrets untold
[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
bold as the silence
of a lover's stare,
soft as a harp play
on crystal stairs..
free as a child in God's
loving care,
and an angel with a pen
writing on thin air..
I am a poet..

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a mountain
that can’t be moved
guided through this
school called life
by the higher powers
I survive because
I was born ready to die
overlooking greatness
now facing who I am
that I am, that I am?

Nick Ade Poet & Arian Poetess Muhammad

More Divine With Time

[Nick Ade’ Poet ]
I'm a simple man
with a master plan
commanding my empire
as I sit atop my throne
I grow more divine with time
like red wine and grapes
not Magilla Gorila no
i’m Grape Ape bound to escape
because the jungle can’t hold
what it didn’t create
screaming hey hey hey
As I push open doors
I explore the untold
but don’t call me Fat Albert
My lyrics are simply sick
devouring your soul
as I go deeper into it

[ F.J. Poeticbeauty]
I catapult buildings
with my ideology
Staying faithful within
this poetic matrimony
Anything else would
merely be adultery
While others remains its mistress
I am the empress Divine
and manuscriptly scientific
Diagnosing mental stimulants
I provide the Viagra to get you lifted
Erecting the poetically impotent
Giving birth to inspiration
Never barren
Prolifically I produce
without no limits

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I’m different something
you could never explain
but before I sail away
i’ll say Vamoose
as I evaporate back into
the clouds of love
peaceful like a dove
but as fiery as the sun above
as you cry over my flesh
that never was my absolute
no more understood
than when I entered
but still I stay true to me
growing more divine
because time only made
my soul more potent
like the smell of death
in summers heat
I overpower all others lyrically
leaving you to witness
the greatest divine being
who dwells within me
witness the greatest
man you’ve never seen.

[ F.J. Poeticbeauty]
If poetry were a God
I would be the spitting image
Creating football fields of rhymes
And neither one is plagiaristic
Am I sounding narcissistic?
Maybe yes
But each time my borders
surpass the poetic lines of scrimmage
Indeed my words are mine
Agelessly my write grows greater
throughout the times
Lyrically, I protrude hearts
like swords on valentines
Other writers stay ordinary
I am divine

[Nick Ade Poet]
Growing more in-tune
as I grow further from you
growing more in-line because
I stay inclined to the truth
I am the solution to the disease
I am the medicine take a dose of me
the antidote to your hopeless hocus pocus
witch craft indeed I call it poetry
mixing lyrics in my stew pot
then spit for you to watch
then I watch as your jaw drops
i’m the poetic King
you the village underling
watch as I command us to eternity
my divine being never challenged
because I already reign supreme
only letting you get your piece
before I blow up masterfully

[ F.J. Poeticbeauty]
I reign the thrones of rhymes
There is no way of
capturing this line assassin
This growing pencil Cassius
I sting like a bee and
target pages for the kill
My penmanship
light fires like Bp oil spills
I stay rolling without no wheels
Lyrically I make music without no deals
Ink marinating like
meat simmering for the grill
And when its cooked and done
You’ll see that this poet is real
My ballpoint pen can’t be impeded
Raining strength upon
my seeds of growth
I am a ticking time bomb
Each minute leads closer
and closer to the smoke
Timeless explosions
killing lines so drastically
Like an STD epidemic
I spread statistically
Elevating stronger everyday
Building verbal ladders
to write taller than skyscrapers
Circulating like photosynthesis
Ink wetting pages without the vapors
Yes! I am divine
As you can see this girl can rhyme
Be sure to expect the best of the best
Because my skills grow exceedingly
greater within each time.

Nick Ade' Poet & F.J Poeticbeauty

I am Forever

Guided through this school
of hard knocks and ruff drops
only to rise to another obstacle
i’ve fought to hard to ever stop
I am a slave to the pages
i’ll be writing for ages
but for ages you gonna remember me
my pen is my sail to prevail
I am similar to dream
as soft as the clouds I sleep
but i’m sharp like a sword
I cut into my enemies
the world is already judging me
and I ain’t shown em a piece
when I will get get a piece
let alone peace on these cold streets?
nothing below me could ever hold me
yet the Devil speaks in tongues
to make me think I am nothing

I don't care about money.
I don't care about fame
but imma do what do to maintain
I don't care about what anybody says.
The only thing that's important to me is poetry
and showing the world that I am somebody
who could never be dropped or stopped
Never broken by the weak because I am ghost
You couldn't touch what you couldn't see

Lyrically I am king.
But yall don't know the truth about me
So forever I'm forced to stay true to me
I am a brother enlightened by the darkness.
But I shine forever Divine let an artist
Never knowing time because
I am Diamond... Forever
Never had a piece so don’t blame me
when I take what I was owed
the only way I could show you was
to put this lyrical smoke to you
similar to marijane I’m insane
let my chronic take you away
I’m the haze that lingers lyrically
on your pages for ages spiritually

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

Don't Cry

Why do you cry?

why do you lose sleep at night?

I see passion in your soul

undiscovered because your eyes

stay out of sight hidden in the night

making what would seem real

not so close to the true reality

don't lose sleep and never weep

your living in my dream because

I see your true beauty

every time I rest in peace

even when the world sees nothing

you are something never replicated

they may hate it but stay elevated

to the sky I fly high

you are my sail to the wind

as I sit in my boat to float

allowing me to discover anew

land when the world had no clue

shooting to the stars even when

my destiny was simply the moon

don't cry because you are

a princess in my dream

and all this dream knows

is peace with you and me : )

 George Nicholas Ade' © 2010

The Parallels of Existence

What is life without death
What is day without night
How may I step without first a crawl
How may I choose to fly
if I never choose to fall
Who are you without me
who am I if I am ever discovering me
Life is not so long in retrospect
But with every step there is trepidation
How can one nation be called the greatest
who are you to say where
Gods next blessing lay?
In the darkness the light shines bright
But in truth there is no darkness
That can escape the light

What is a smile without a tear
What is pain without pleasure
Who am I without you
And who are you if you
are forever discovering yourself
Life not so hard when you continue to dream
Take a step with ease before you
Claim the next step is impossibility
How can one man be the greatest
if it takes a whole nation to raise a child
Who are you to say where
Gods next Blessing lay
Love is Similar to lightning strikes
No one can predict what Love may ignite
in the light darkness is seen
But in truth there is no night
But; one Will, one God, One Life.

Geroge "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2010

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