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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Diary of the Poetic Mind


My ambition to continually put this pen to the pad
And bleed this lyrical ink that continually entrances
Those that read has me elevated higher than
Even the most potent dosage of weed because
Lyrically I speak the potent depths of my soul
As I unload the pains in my heart now exposed
I unfold my pages  to show the unknowns to a world so cold
Can they relate to man that has shown more
Than what the eye could ever see physically?
What possibly could they see visually when viewing 
I show them lyrically that I am more real verbally
Yet never listen when the world speaks of me
As if they’ve heard of me simply read between
The lines to define a man outside his mind
Within a realm that can’t be touched by time
Look into my eyes oh heavenly divine to realize
I am that I am… One of a kind so I can never
Be eroded by the mighty sands of time

These words I spew are a blueprint to
Understand me more than what you
Could ever label me as; if you knew
I can be heartless too but my soul
Enables me to never be erased
No matter how many wolves surround
After the darkness has settled around curfew
I am the diamond in the Earth yet discovered
By the eyes that mine the flesh to define 
I am unlike any other yet I am simply your
Brother drinking from the same river of life
Yet I am never confined by the box that
surrounds minds to bind them to normality
I may be crazy but never a casualty of these
Words that passionately define and tear at me verbally
Releasing all the mighty trials and tribulations within me
Conquering them all simply by living day after day
Read the diary to my poetic page the journal
That documents my name and where I came
Only defined by the words that emanate
From my soul which this world will never take…

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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