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Thursday, February 16, 2012

~As My Heart Beats, My Pen Bleeds~

Death is my one & only neighbor 
Life is my one & only friend 
Sin is my only tribulation a trail I closely resent 
To repent for my sins is my real destination 
Yet I detour when I lose focus of its importance 
Writing is my only true escape on the blank page
Self-love is what I need to radiate to dispel the pain
Similar to a camp fire generating heat to embrace
Self-hate must vacate for that to take place
Music takes me away to my dreamy mind state
Yet reality rears its ugly face when I awake
So I dream, I dream of majestic beauty lyrically 
Sailing away with no bill collectors in haste of me
Lord forgive me for I know, I live unpredictably, predictable 
Feeling despicable the more I live for more of the same
Turning the pages slowly in my life to decided where
I need to publicize the true meaning to the darkness inside
But in the end, death is the only one standing outside
Yet I live to love, to write with life forever by my side
As the hour glass fills with the mighty sands of time…

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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