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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rare Beauty

You are a rose nearly impossible to posses.
But that only makes you all the more attractive.
Surrounded by mystics and dragons.
You are a rare beauty that sets my heart aflame.
I came into the world cold and bare.
But with you there I am warm and at home.
You have my life in the palm of your hand
I only hope you understand
that I am not like any other man.
I don’t want you to ball me up and throw me away
Not before you look at my page.
See the inner beauty in my soul
but please don’t judge me because
Only God really Knows Who I am.
I am the nice guy and for that I rarely get a reply.
Nice guys finish last in the eyes of man.
But rewarded greatly in the presence of God.
I don’t care however, I only want you.
No thanks or applause for the way I walk
No love or affection when I speak the truth.
No amount of words seem to sway you.
But I’m telling you the truth I’d walk
a thousand miles just to see your smile.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010


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