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Sunday, February 12, 2012

And Still I Rise [Inspired By; Maya Angelou]

Fallen From the sky
Feeling like God condemn me to die
And still I rise to live eternally alive
Broken in the night
Feeling like life isn’t worth the fight
Lost and feeling and weak
Broken falling to my knees
And still I rise to see another morning
Heartless and cold no peace no mo
Feeling down pushed to the ground
and still I rise from the Earth like the phoenix to the sky
Hurt because I can’t seem to be first
But still I rise because I am one in Gods Eye.
Weak because life is cheap
But still I rise to achieve more than
what an entire lifetime can provide
Lonely and misunderstood
Feeling like I did the best I could
Only to fail because I was told I wasn’t born to prevail
and still I rise because Love is my sail
To escapes the confines of this deadly Hell

I rise and I rise until the end of time
Never truly knowing defeat
Because an Almighty God Dwells within me
I sleep by night and I rise by day
I die in life only to resurrected
to the heavenly divine in the afterlife.
I Rise to the sky to dwell within the light
I am one with the pen the page is my canvas
I slip and fall and miss important calls
Only to rise to the occasion leaving
Everyone in awe.

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010


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