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Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Divine With Time

[Nick Ade’ Poet ]
I'm a simple man
with a master plan
commanding my empire
as I sit atop my throne
I grow more divine with time
like red wine and grapes
not Magilla Gorila no
i’m Grape Ape bound to escape
because the jungle can’t hold
what it didn’t create
screaming hey hey hey
As I push open doors
I explore the untold
but don’t call me Fat Albert
My lyrics are simply sick
devouring your soul
as I go deeper into it

[ F.J. Poeticbeauty]
I catapult buildings
with my ideology
Staying faithful within
this poetic matrimony
Anything else would
merely be adultery
While others remains its mistress
I am the empress Divine
and manuscriptly scientific
Diagnosing mental stimulants
I provide the Viagra to get you lifted
Erecting the poetically impotent
Giving birth to inspiration
Never barren
Prolifically I produce
without no limits

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I’m different something
you could never explain
but before I sail away
i’ll say Vamoose
as I evaporate back into
the clouds of love
peaceful like a dove
but as fiery as the sun above
as you cry over my flesh
that never was my absolute
no more understood
than when I entered
but still I stay true to me
growing more divine
because time only made
my soul more potent
like the smell of death
in summers heat
I overpower all others lyrically
leaving you to witness
the greatest divine being
who dwells within me
witness the greatest
man you’ve never seen.

[ F.J. Poeticbeauty]
If poetry were a God
I would be the spitting image
Creating football fields of rhymes
And neither one is plagiaristic
Am I sounding narcissistic?
Maybe yes
But each time my borders
surpass the poetic lines of scrimmage
Indeed my words are mine
Agelessly my write grows greater
throughout the times
Lyrically, I protrude hearts
like swords on valentines
Other writers stay ordinary
I am divine

[Nick Ade Poet]
Growing more in-tune
as I grow further from you
growing more in-line because
I stay inclined to the truth
I am the solution to the disease
I am the medicine take a dose of me
the antidote to your hopeless hocus pocus
witch craft indeed I call it poetry
mixing lyrics in my stew pot
then spit for you to watch
then I watch as your jaw drops
i’m the poetic King
you the village underling
watch as I command us to eternity
my divine being never challenged
because I already reign supreme
only letting you get your piece
before I blow up masterfully

[ F.J. Poeticbeauty]
I reign the thrones of rhymes
There is no way of
capturing this line assassin
This growing pencil Cassius
I sting like a bee and
target pages for the kill
My penmanship
light fires like Bp oil spills
I stay rolling without no wheels
Lyrically I make music without no deals
Ink marinating like
meat simmering for the grill
And when its cooked and done
You’ll see that this poet is real
My ballpoint pen can’t be impeded
Raining strength upon
my seeds of growth
I am a ticking time bomb
Each minute leads closer
and closer to the smoke
Timeless explosions
killing lines so drastically
Like an STD epidemic
I spread statistically
Elevating stronger everyday
Building verbal ladders
to write taller than skyscrapers
Circulating like photosynthesis
Ink wetting pages without the vapors
Yes! I am divine
As you can see this girl can rhyme
Be sure to expect the best of the best
Because my skills grow exceedingly
greater within each time.

Nick Ade' Poet & F.J Poeticbeauty


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