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Saturday, February 11, 2012

~Is it a Dream~

Am I the one that you see?
Or is it all simply a dream unseen
Am I the one that you seek spiritually?
Or is it only lust that you desire to please physically
Is it the fire in my soul the passion I’ve shown?
Or is it the unknown that keeps you coming for more
Is it the depths of my soul that keep you close
Or is it a dose of my poetic medicine that
makes you want to fill another prescription
is it the money I can spend on materialism
or is it the spiritualism in me that keeps you by my side
is it what is hidden in my eyes that clarifies the lies
blinding darkness that disguises my true nature inside my mind
is it the pain in my heart that makes you want to heal me more
or is it your dedication to discover who I really am that you adore
is it the way I speak that makes you want to hear from me
or is it the silence that penetrates deep that keeps you listening closely
Am I the one you see, Am I the one that can please,
are we destined to be, Or maybe it was all simply a dream…

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011


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