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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Poor Get Ignored

In our society we are more likely to see
money,cars, and clothes.
the newest designer labels
to hit the fancy stores 
over a child starving in a ghetto
with no coat to fend him
from a world so lonley and cold
we fight overseas to preseve freedom
yet I see clearly freedom
taken away everyday
in the land of the brave

No one has the balls to say
a damn thing because apparently
independent thinking is the
worst idea since Vanilla Ice
No one open their eyes to the lies
creativity stripped away
in place we have dollar bills
to fill the void in our lives
we trade our souls for the "Good Life".

Will the world ever know
of the struggles some face?
in place of a hand shake
we push each other away
standing alone screaming 
why are we so blind to the facts
reality is only a dream
but a nightmare for many
not deemed human because
they don't have the money to speak

We turn the other cheek
leaving them in the Hell
they desperately want to escape
we create a new wave of hate
each time we ignore the facts
no one wants to see misery
yet no one speaks up for change
the poor are the ones who suffer
but who gives a fuck about them
the stares on the face of truth
but we choose to ignore the obvious knocks
even when they continue knocking at our doors

2 score and 2 years ago 
a man named Dr. King had a dream
only to be shot down for preaching peace
this is the world in which we dwell
 yet no one does a damn thing to expel
the ignorance and the hate
the poor get erase because
society chooses to embrace
the dollar bill over anyone
with a black or brown face 

Ask yourself why another 
child had to die tonight
I guess the poor wasn't destined to fly
only destined die forgotten in the night
Lord do you see the darkness
can you elighten your artist because
I am lost on these New York Streets
apparently the only thing I was destined to do is  write
but I lay out of sight writing
the truth we so desperately need

But I guess they don't see...

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010


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