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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hidden Within the Darkness


The Undergroud Poets

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My deepest secrets
Hidden within the night
Remain they lie out of sight
Not yet penetrated by the light
& even as I strive to remain
Afloat as I continue to go on
How long can I remain strong
When it seems that hope is all gone?
Who is the true poet hidden behind
The lines you’ve now read?

Living this life searching for my eternal bread
So that I may live infinitely
without lust for any worldly temptation
eating until i'm full and finished
only to then search for more substenance
My life is truly no secret
Yet I remain far from the spotlight
The diary to my life not yet opened
I guess to most my cover with suffice
So my secrets remain out of sight
Who is it the true poet that remains
Hidden Behind these lines you’ve now read?

I truly am a kind to any other human
my fleshy brethren together
lost in this eternal world wind
as we continue to spin
into chaos and destruction
erupting are the truths of this
mighty universe & dammit does
the truth hurt when you’ve lived
your life forever searching for a purpose
only to then continue forever searching
may we together one day
flylike the bird in the sky
without need of a reason to fly high
until the fruition of that day
my secrets will remain out of sight
similar to the sun in the night
who is it the true poet hidden
behind these lines...?

Nick Ade The Poet


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