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Friday, June 24, 2011

If I gave you my heart...


If I gave you my heart
would you take
it and break it
Or would you learn
to love and grow?

If I gave you my world could
I expect you to hold it close?
If I asked you to keep a
secret would you
let anyone know?

If I showed you who
I really was would you
leave me without question?
And If I loved you with
all my heart could you
over look my imperfections?
Or simply deny me without a
second thought and leave
my heart torn completely apart.

If this world were my battlefield,
could I expect you to
be my sword and shield?

If I had nothing left could
I expect you help me heal?
Or would you leave me to
the wolves of this world
so that I would be killed?
And if we truly loved
each other then really
what could hurt us?
But if I suddenly ceased to
exist could I live on in
your heart with a purpose?

If there were nothing left
could I see everything in you?
Or be lost to the darkness
and find a pain I never knew.
If time were forever could
we laugh at it while
holding hand and hand?
Or would I be left alone
always wondering if
God had a plan?

If life were corrupted by
false images and greed.
Could we be the only
ones able to walk without our
hearts filled with senseless needs?
And if we had each other
then really what else
would we need?

If they showed you a broader
path would you follow them?
Or stay with me for eternity?
Maybe one day you’ll learn to see,
but always realize you have a friend in me…

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010 


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