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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Nefertiti


I am not the richest man
But I do have an ultimate plan
To one day get you to take my hand
And hold you higher than any other woman
I want you be my queen,
I label you, My Nefertiti
Your beauty is truly tremendous
What u bring to my heart is stupendous
So I know it would be foolish to pass
This once in a lifetime opportunity to grasp
Your heart in my hands as I lead us to the promise land
Not a physical location but a state of mind
I want you to be mine as I continue to climb
Higher with you forever by my side, you are my pillar of might
So that I can reach higher & higher into the sky
I promise to be gentle with your heart as I know
It is God’s most precious masterpiece, you are my blessing
 Trust in me because I’m not even close to being finished
This is merely the start of my poetic art by the end,
I hope you will forever be just as entranced by my words
As I am with who you are, a masterpiece in my eyes
You’re the most amazing thing on my mind
As I daily try to find a way to let you know
Just how sublime you are to me
I want you to be my everything
Even if I possess not a thing materially
All I want is your divine being, spiritually
Words cannot describe what you do to me
No one can show me a more perfect form of beauty
 I now & forever label you, My Nefertiti…

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011



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