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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yea you say


Yea you see the smile on my face
But can you trace the pain in my mind state
Yea you see my lyrics written day after day
But can you ever really relate to a person
Within their own mental domain
Yea you’ve felt my passion on the page
But have you once witnessed the rage
I’ve displayed to express my inner anger
Yea you call me a friend but in physical
I remain no more than another stranger
Just another face within the matrix
You say I’m gifted but have you once
Witnessed me fallen to the temptation

You say I’m one of a kind in your eyes
But can you visualize me by surprise
You say you want to take a trip deep
Into my mind to find who I am inside
Yet you simply look at my surface to define
You say your words are all authentic yet I feel
them clearly they represent something replicated
you say I am the one to set you free form slavery
yet I see you daily chaining yourself within this society

you say you’ll follow me until the end of our journey
Yet I see you now sitting dreaming of other possibilities
Yea you say I’m yours, I’m the only one you’ll adore
But the more I explore I discover secrets that uncover
The skeletons you thought you hid underneath the cover
You say the days we had can never be erased
But like l said in the beginning long ago
Can you trace the pain that now has grown
My mind state hasn’t been erased only changed
What you say holds no weight as we slowly
Gravitate away to only be recognized as another
Strangers face within the matrix that differentiates
Us from the oneness we used to closely embrace

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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