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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dying to Live


Darkness penitrating my eyes
inhaling Smoke to my lungs
Fearless but weary
But my battles only just begun
Writing the pages to my life
The story never publicized
I’m never really known because
I guess my cover will suffice to most
never opening my pages to get
a potent dose of who I am
born ready to die just not willing to quit
because even with all the bullshit
I’m never really trippin
Forgivin, but never really forgettin the past
Racing towards the future But
walking on my own path to success
puffin on the kush  on any given day
letting the smoke take me away
 as Mary Jane takes me to space
to a faraway place a lil more elevated
than my physical situation
The world can’t tell me nothing
Because my momma taught me
Don’t trust em unless they about somethin
But all I can see is corruption
So im brushin the lies to my feet
Walkin to my own beat
ready to let theses niggas know
a lil somthin about me
poetry is like my wings
more like my breath
the page is the mouth I use to speak
I’m never replicated so you know
its me when I preach my poetry

Darkness is what the world
unfolds as i continue to grow
I guess i must be made of snow
because Cold are my flesh and bones
Heartless is my audience
So I must be proficient
with my God given gift to write
success is in sight as i
begin to step on thin ice
praying to God i don't slip
only to fall to temptation
because i couldnt resist the devils kiss
to hot for the surface so i better
be wise before i move another inch
but God, its so hard not to act reckless
when you’re fighting to not be monotonous
my life isn't a fashion statement
unorthadox is my definition
If the pen is my oval office
lable me the president
killen em with my lyrics
but can you feel the pain
of a man driven insane
by this dirty game we play?
life is a stage so im simply trying
to let the world know my name
reminenising on the simpler days
but damn, it looks like things
will never be the same...

 George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011



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