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Monday, June 16, 2014

~City Of Stars~


City of stars, who is it that we really are?
Questions of the mind, running forever through time.
Nearing the present future with every passing light.
I live on this carnival ride alive, the fear brings me to life. 
Present me with clarification at the cost of total uncertainty.
Will I survive through this night, will I awaken, and can I see the light?
Feelings keep on surfacing inside, is there a purpose for the hurting?
The pain always goes away when we let ecstasy pave our lanes.
Trapped like slaves, mice lost in a maze, smoking sticky haze.
Erase what was forgotten only to then remember to just forget.
Don’t trip but if you did, play it off as a part of the celebration.
My mind requires a vacation, taxes but you give representation.
Who is my soul, feigning for diamonds and gold to behold?...

City of stars, who is it that we truly are?
By far it would seem, while spinning in this galaxy.
Our beings know little more than what we feed upon.
I ask that you Dawn me the keys, now watch me unlock eternity.
Universe I know you've heard of me while I was busy yearning.
It occurred to me while smoking on dank trees, I’m still learning.
Burning with desire hopping I don’t expire… take me ever higher. 
Thoughts of the mind, therefore I am… locked within restless sands of time.
Expand upon what wasn't and bring fourth to life a new dynasty. 
I live in this carnival ride called life; the tickets to survive are always high.
Yet I am only a sand spec within a greater text, I bleed my ink to bless
The pages with what you've instilled in me long before I could ever breathe.
I inhale air to breathe, living in a world where most will never have an opportunity.
Yet I know you will never forget because you've entranced by a kiss to the lips.
I’ll always follow you; we remain true on this trip, exploration through existence

City of stars, who is it that we truly are to you?
We destroy and pollute as we write poetry to recoup,
Birth into this existence… nothing is really normal is it?
We all live in our own worlds at any present moment
Only to visit when physical contact becomes eminent
If a tree falls within a forgotten forest, will the world hear it?
What are these colors but imagination deep within my mind?
When I deeply dream, I rest at peace, I know of worlds never seen…
The world of the mind, mostly forgotten when our eyes are wide.
I only weigh 155 but my spirit can fly when I decide to elevate alive.
We live to fly in the sky so why do most close their wings and die?
Give me an answer when so little is clear, Universe make it a little simpler 
So many years and tears have passed; will we last in our current expansion?
Or will we go collapsing to a point and conjoin to become as one
Continue upon the expansion city of stars, it is obvious what we are
A boulevard; glistening no matter how far, we are artists in your expression 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014



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