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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~The Price~


We pay the price for the all the smiles & tears
We pay for the time we were here, for the times we weren’t near
Things are never really clear; we pay when we veer the line
Like a feeling in your spine, we pay the price with our lives
Every time we live and die we pay the price with our time
Words never surface in time to express what’s on your mind
Like the girl who never knew just how sublime she was to his eyes
We pay the price like white on rice; life and death really coincide
Merge my words with my life, they describe my existence inside
But I pay the price with every written line, Words fail to reverse time
As we wake we vacate our dreams with desires to spend time wisely
But time has shown that we can’t grow unless we pay for experience
We rinse the blood from our hands and rest our heads at night
Perpetually in indebted to father time, paying for another breath of life
We work hard, battle scars on the boulevard, Only Judged by God…
To live in light we pay the price or summit to the night and dream high
Purple flowers got me high but I pay the price for serenities touch inside
Nothing is enough to hush the mind like sleep but we pay for that ease
Waking early morning and grinding harder than a Brillo Pad on concrete
My callused skin is a reflection of the pain from within my abdomen
I pay for my own mistakes but we pay for a greater tax for living each day
No government gives me representation like the Universal Matrix
But I pay to wake; there’s no way to escape heavy Earthly obligations
Heavy; I’m held to a physical level, I pay to lyrically elevate my mind sate.
Cloud nine is only a vacation my home location is the center of pain
I pay to live my own way but the world wants to put my soul in a maze
So don’t blame me for inhaling the haze to erase the pain from yesterday.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014


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