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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Illuminate My Soul


Light my soul like a torch at midnight
Illuminate me so I might be able to shine bright
Elevate my soul to new heights higher than a kite
Fly with me out of sight on this carpet ride to the constellations
Be one with me like the sun, the moon, the sky above all nations
Come with me to the dark side of the moon so we may rain 
Light on the lunar surface with our starlight, we’re center stage 
I Compose notes like Mozart, expressing my lyrical art on the page
I float like Noah’s ark in the infinite ocean poetic hearts fueled by pain
Escape this harsh and cold reality with me to an unknown fantasy 
Go to sleep and never awaken from this lucid dream of ecstasy 
Unlock our dynasty where there are no pains, hunger for nothing 
Its winter in December so twist my mind like a blender 
with your heavenly features and force me to remember
what cannot be forgotten by even a pot smoking binger who was 
lost in six flags great adventure searching for the place where he entered 
console me with your passion until my heart feels soft & tender 
I dance on razor blades with no sense of consequences from pain
My drum beats to the tune of a song not heard by ears vocally 
With words I purge what emerges from adjectives and verbs 
As I use my hands to methodically expand nouns on the canvas 
when I command my pen just give me definition with your love
more accurate than a mother’s intuition to a child she adores 
Release my spirit from this mental prison living without a mission 
Like The Shawshank Redemption, I plot with persistence until freedom 
where we now reminisce on the experience laughing as we bask in seclusion 
Sail into the pacific where no one can capture us and make us repent 
Be the fire to my life guide me with no fear of any weapon formed against 
Be my diamond stronger than the chips clarify what was missing in my 
prior existence with your blinding beauty never replicated your love is authentic 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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