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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Heart of a Poet


The heart of a poet thumping & beating
Living & breathing with his breathless releases
Of the deepest recesses of his consciousness
Erasing & tracing as his fingertips & mind interrelate
To lyrically create what dictates his natural state better
than a mirror that reflects his own physical face  
he exists out of sight, out of mind, yet at any given time
you’ll find evidence of his written lines where he resides
escaping the confines of the physical life to elevated heights
in living color his soul brings his words alive with the brushes
of his pen he thrives off the power of his conscious mind
focus on his motion as he moves forward without the holds of time
Floating like a balloon, drifting in the sky absorbing all that he finds
He enters his domain where he maintains a better sense of things
Don’t wake him of his dream before he’s done publishing a physical copy
No need to plead, his wishes are granted without use of a genie
If he ever ceased to be; he wishes for no one to weep for he exists
In a place where he will never lay six feet deep with anything that reads
“Remember me”, because he has The heart of a poet thumping & beating
Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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