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Friday, December 14, 2012

God Give Me The Power



God give me the power to dream
Give me the power to prevail over
all the insanity and illusions
reality brings to my doorstep
Give me the power to step into light
while always in the night out of sight
out of mind with the power of the divine
within is the power of a God
never knowing time but in time
you’ll see that I am a lyrical Beast
Poetic masterpiece writing with ease
much easier than breathing but
God give me the power to never rest
with each breath is a step towards death
so God bestow a vest on my chest to protect
me from the distractions of everyday living
with every step I take
take me away from the Hell
within my very being
God give me the power to see
they preach lies but I’m
no fool life is only a school
every lesson learned is a memory
burned into the mind so that I may
understand that every soul is divine
Seeing the truth because the truth’s not told
so I looked for the answers in the unknown
lyrical and spiritual so the world can never stop me
but when a black man wants to lead he’ll
probably be shot for questioning so
God give me the power to die
while continuing to always fly
when they do nothing but despise
my existence wasn't a coincident
No I was born gifted lifted because
they threw me down to the ground
but like a phoenix I rise never to die
always alive to fight another day
is nothing but another experience on my resume
so God before I die I say to you
imma always do what I do
here is a message to you
always be true and never stop
even when there is no other solution

God Give me the Power to be
That I am, Who I am, Never Compromising
what I am because they can’t see
That I am, That I am?
George Nicholas Ade' © 2010


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