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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

~Perfectly Flawed~

The imperfections I hold in me can be seen anytime physically.
Look to my flesh to get a glimpse of what I’ve been tested with.
Look in my soul to know where I've gone when away from home.
Mistakes came with me as I experienced this life in unknown territory.
Inside my chest beats the heart of a man poetically inclined mentally.
Creation was my key to survive with my soul alive within the passage of time.
To escape the confines of an early grave dead with my body still alive.
I had to breathe with my ink in order for me to never become extinct.
The evidence of my entirety can be witnessed entirely poetically.
My perfection is keen as my ink strategically spills on white sheets.
With no typos to be seen; I can label myself perfectly incomplete.
My story can never be publicized until my hands cease to write poetry.
Still I stumble in the streets like an officer on his beat so I know this world
Has something new to teach me; Pain lets you know you're not yet deceased.
Nothing I hold is perfect or complete but they are my testimonies to keep moving.
The imperfections I hold on my flesh are medal I possess in my inner soul.
Perfectly flawed by the scars; not the money the women or all the cars.
Poetically I drop bars greater in value than an abstract work of Art.
Imperfections I know, Imperfections I hold; both are molded to my soul.
Both labels to the DNA that makes up who/what I am in the physical.
I wear my flaws like a badge of honor; I'm a soldier & this war isn't over

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

~Sweep Me Away~


Sweep me away from yesterday’s pain
Lord, take the license plate to my soul
Witness me as I grow as my flesh ages old
No story can ever be told without the scars you hold
Now I know what tomorrow had to teach to me
My mother could never preach experience to me
My father brought me to water but I never took a drink
I had to grow into the man I'm destined to become
Fear grew less a part of me as I grew into eternity
Sweep me away from the pain I felt from yesterday
Let the pen in my hand take me to a cloud called nine
Because tomorrow isn't promised in time; we all gotta die
So today when I wake; I'll wake in the solace of my inner grace
I pre-date the tough times as I stay on my eternal grind
In hindsight, even the darkest nights had a few street lights
Sweep me away from my enemies in my line of sight
I Tunnel vision my mind to keep the negativity out my life
Lord, help me to find my way while in the shadows of pain
I’m floating down memory lane and the Grim Reaper knows my name
Tomorrow I may not be able to awake so today I gotta elevate
With my soul still in its seat.. Lord don’t let this world erode me mentally
Like sand on the beach; we all have a place but nothing’s concrete
My only wish before I’m six feet deep is that before I rest in peace
I have the chance to know who the Universe created when it molded ME

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~The Price~


We pay the price for the all the smiles & tears
We pay for the time we were here, for the times we weren’t near
Things are never really clear; we pay when we veer the line
Like a feeling in your spine, we pay the price with our lives
Every time we live and die we pay the price with our time
Words never surface in time to express what’s on your mind
Like the girl who never knew just how sublime she was to his eyes
We pay the price like white on rice; life and death really coincide
Merge my words with my life, they describe my existence inside
But I pay the price with every written line, Words fail to reverse time
As we wake we vacate our dreams with desires to spend time wisely
But time has shown that we can’t grow unless we pay for experience
We rinse the blood from our hands and rest our heads at night
Perpetually in indebted to father time, paying for another breath of life
We work hard, battle scars on the boulevard, Only Judged by God…
To live in light we pay the price or summit to the night and dream high
Purple flowers got me high but I pay the price for serenities touch inside
Nothing is enough to hush the mind like sleep but we pay for that ease
Waking early morning and grinding harder than a Brillo Pad on concrete
My callused skin is a reflection of the pain from within my abdomen
I pay for my own mistakes but we pay for a greater tax for living each day
No government gives me representation like the Universal Matrix
But I pay to wake; there’s no way to escape heavy Earthly obligations
Heavy; I’m held to a physical level, I pay to lyrically elevate my mind sate.
Cloud nine is only a vacation my home location is the center of pain
I pay to live my own way but the world wants to put my soul in a maze
So don’t blame me for inhaling the haze to erase the pain from yesterday.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

~City Of Stars~


City of stars, who is it that we really are?
Questions of the mind, running forever through time.
Nearing the present future with every passing light.
I live on this carnival ride alive, the fear brings me to life. 
Present me with clarification at the cost of total uncertainty.
Will I survive through this night, will I awaken, and can I see the light?
Feelings keep on surfacing inside, is there a purpose for the hurting?
The pain always goes away when we let ecstasy pave our lanes.
Trapped like slaves, mice lost in a maze, smoking sticky haze.
Erase what was forgotten only to then remember to just forget.
Don’t trip but if you did, play it off as a part of the celebration.
My mind requires a vacation, taxes but you give representation.
Who is my soul, feigning for diamonds and gold to behold?...

City of stars, who is it that we truly are?
By far it would seem, while spinning in this galaxy.
Our beings know little more than what we feed upon.
I ask that you Dawn me the keys, now watch me unlock eternity.
Universe I know you've heard of me while I was busy yearning.
It occurred to me while smoking on dank trees, I’m still learning.
Burning with desire hopping I don’t expire… take me ever higher. 
Thoughts of the mind, therefore I am… locked within restless sands of time.
Expand upon what wasn't and bring fourth to life a new dynasty. 
I live in this carnival ride called life; the tickets to survive are always high.
Yet I am only a sand spec within a greater text, I bleed my ink to bless
The pages with what you've instilled in me long before I could ever breathe.
I inhale air to breathe, living in a world where most will never have an opportunity.
Yet I know you will never forget because you've entranced by a kiss to the lips.
I’ll always follow you; we remain true on this trip, exploration through existence

City of stars, who is it that we truly are to you?
We destroy and pollute as we write poetry to recoup,
Birth into this existence… nothing is really normal is it?
We all live in our own worlds at any present moment
Only to visit when physical contact becomes eminent
If a tree falls within a forgotten forest, will the world hear it?
What are these colors but imagination deep within my mind?
When I deeply dream, I rest at peace, I know of worlds never seen…
The world of the mind, mostly forgotten when our eyes are wide.
I only weigh 155 but my spirit can fly when I decide to elevate alive.
We live to fly in the sky so why do most close their wings and die?
Give me an answer when so little is clear, Universe make it a little simpler 
So many years and tears have passed; will we last in our current expansion?
Or will we go collapsing to a point and conjoin to become as one
Continue upon the expansion city of stars, it is obvious what we are
A boulevard; glistening no matter how far, we are artists in your expression 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014


Monday, June 9, 2014

~Deeper Alive~

Deeper without time, deeper as we begin to climb
Align our spines, Peel back & find, true meaning in our lives
Eternal and sublime, pain is really just our spotlight 
High like a kite, low like we on Jose Cuervo tonight
Fight to spike our pulse, we strike like lightning bolts
Watch as we volt towards what provokes our desires
Dream tonight, live & die, expire at the same damn time 
We need a pacemaker for our minds to bring us truly alive
Mummified alive, I awaken with a curse to find my third eye
Witness discovery in it’s prime, we use our youth only to rise
Hide me away; the police could come at any time of day
Make me safe from this world full of boring formalities
Fade my tent, I ask my pen give em a glimpse of the man within 
Formally we became insane in the deepest part of our membranes 
It is our choice to stay this way every day, harder for us to be erased
you are my Heart to my Spade; our lives aren't able to replicate
Yet we strategize our lives so we never make a dumb mistake twice
Life is so funny when running like Doug Funny towards our dreams
Once I was a king only to awaken so quickly to see a world so lonely 
Come with me, leap from the nearest balcony, passion keeps on lifting 

The night Eclipses our eye to the darkness inside our mental confines
Feeling the light alive, every experience is like a bulb of clarification
Mistaken by all the mistakes we‘d promised never to make in haste
Our pens create from nothing yet we bring something to life
Excuse me while I’m baking new recipes for the world to devour indefinitely
To infinity with a simple kiss, Destruction when we pull from the hips
Deeper into the Abyss, our existence can’t be replicated by the fakeness 
Poetic dominance when we make love to the pen, forgetting the bullshit
With every written line, my heart beats fuller more to life…Dine 
within the deepest recesses of my mind, imagination sparking our lives 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014

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