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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I am more than what you see [Collab Featuring Emmalea Fair]

[Emmalea Fair]

when you look at me, what do you see?
a person with a dream in front of you--
but will this dream ever come true?
What am I to do but be true to myself
When no one else could see my genuine pristine
before you judge me take a closer look
deeper so you can see the finer intricacies
i see the whispers, i hear the stares- do you even care?
If I was never there would you notice
My presence where absent from the air?
if you only knew what pain i've had to bear..
living a lie because your vision simple wasn’t clear
if we could trade places, how would it be?
i'd give you a chance instead of giving you a glance.
nothing comes easily,
but you don't know where i've come from.
instead of going by the eye,
why don't you just ask why?
if you think you have it all just because i smile,
then you're wrong.
i've had to become so strong.
hopefully when i tell my story, you'll understand,
but until then, believe what you can.
I am more that what you see
But when you look at me
What is it that you see?
A simple girl with a pretty face?
You seem to be looking towards the wrong places
My passion my beauty, my soul, unknown
Because you’ve decided to witness my physical
I am more than what you see
But if all you see is me
Then obviously you don’t see a thing.

[Nick Ade' Poet]

I am more than what you see
But if all you see is me
Then obviously you don’t see a thing
I am invisible unseen to the eye
More real are my lines
That define a poetic soul
Lyrical and spiritual
Simply call me a ghost
Because lyrically I float
Take a toke of my poetry
But don’t choke because
My lyrics are of a higher potency
I am not your reflection I am my own unique being
So when you look at me Understand
my realness is what dwells deep
I move to my own beat, i'm strange as can be
but never compromising a thing
because to be "normal" would be the end of me
I am more than what you see
Your clarification not needed
Lyrically I preach like I was Martin Luther King
Fore I have a dream that one day
We may see one another clearly
But if all you ever see is me
Then you’ll never see the complexity
Of my true being which is unseen
so If all you ever see is me
Then obviously you've never seen a thing.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011
Ft. Emmalea Fair


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