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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who Am I?

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a mystery
unseen to many
you couldn't possibly believe
when you glance at me
the true reality
of who I really am
double take as
much as you need
but you will come no closer
to understanding me

[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
I am undefined
yet well known across
the stratosphere of time,
Composed of drifting particles
of love flowing through
infinite bloodlines

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a mystic
with great capabilities
only unlocked
once you push me
to the limits of my being
the obstacles I seek
but never knowing them
because I am ever passing
surpassing the boundaries
you said I couldn't exceed

[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
running through souls carved,
sketched, and etched
from the majesty of God's design
and hearts that set free gold
and scarlet dreams
dispersing them on high..

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a dream
who can't be stopped
because my poetry
is the manifestation
of everything I dream
brought to this reality
with my lyrical steel
the only question
is what can’t I be?

[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
I am heavy as
a concrete rose
catching diamonds
from a child's eyes..
the way from death to
immortality A cosmic shift
towards a new state of mind..

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a masterpiece
who can’t be seen
or replicated by the phonies
don’t judge me if you
don’t know me
don’t try to hold me
I was born ready to go
the secrets untold
[Arian Poetess Muhammad]
bold as the silence
of a lover's stare,
soft as a harp play
on crystal stairs..
free as a child in God's
loving care,
and an angel with a pen
writing on thin air..
I am a poet..

[Nick Ade’ Poet]
I am a mountain
that can’t be moved
guided through this
school called life
by the higher powers
I survive because
I was born ready to die
overlooking greatness
now facing who I am
that I am, that I am?

Nick Ade Poet & Arian Poetess Muhammad


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