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Monday, February 13, 2012

She Said


She said;
she wants a true lover
Somebody to hold and cover her
When she’s alone and cold
Someone to inspire her with hope and inspiration
When she facing a world that's always hatin
That she wants Someone to do her right
The type of man that will treat her
like she knows that she deserves
But Before she begins any serious relation
That she’s looking for a friend to the very end

I told her I would lover her forever
If she could love me through thick and thin
That I may not own a Benz But I will always
be there as a friend until the very end
That I would make her feel good
when she’s feelin miserable and sick
I would make her laugh when she’s
feeling down to uplift her spirits
That I would always give her a kiss
To let her know she has the softest lips
that she is the princess that I love
and when I’m not worthy of the title of prince

She said;
she wants someone she can lean on
To uplift her and make her strong
Someone to always be there
Or never be gone for too long
Someone that will let her know
That she is always beautiful
Even when her cosmetics aren’t close

I told her that I always want to lift her up
Because her happiness is what
Would be what keep me strong
That I will never be gone for too long
Because Our love is what connects our souls
Which allows me to live on even when I’m gone
with Her passion ever outlastin the hate
I told  her that no matter what came our way
we would continue to move as 1 until our dying day

She said;
she often thinks at night
Of the man she that will come take her heart away
only to awake a new day to see the same old thing
that the reality of her current situation
makes Her want to quit on her dreams
of being with the man she desperately wants
that life isn’t meant for fantasies
when fantasies only lead to misery

I told her to look at me
And listen to how I speak
That my words are poetry
And all she needs to do is faith in me
Because I want to be the shining knight of her dreams
Come to this reality and be the remedy
To the situation she is currently in
That even when it would seem pointless
To never forget that she means everything to me
That I will bow to her feet because her
Essence is royalty and her love is heavenly

Then she looked at me and told me
No one’s ever spoken to her that way
That she had given up after many days
Of the same old lines; the same old games
That this loveless life had driven her insane
That few men even said her name
most Only refereed to her as “Babe”

Then I said;
I am, That; I am
I am Not like any other man
I am the man meant for you
sent here to suffer through
many nights alone because
no other girl could fill your shoes
if only you could see that
the words  I speak are true
then Maybe you could understand
that there is nothing else I can do
but have love eternally for you.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011


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