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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Epitome

[F.j. Majesticpen Carter]

I am the diamond beneath cement and yet I rise
I am the truth that many have yet to come to realize
The daybreak that breaks through the cloudiness of lies
I am the naked concept that the centerfolds envy
undressing my mind with penciled photography
a picture fulfilling every iota of unrevealed psychology
I am the artificer of my dreams
The sewn up fabric that never breaks at the seams
I am the light that the sun beams
although it seems that I overshadow me
being the unwanted shadow that overshadows my means
But by all means…I am the recovery
The secrecy that shall soon be a new discovery
Because I am the sculpture that God has revealed as his master piece
I am the leech of knowledge
In order to preach the dynamics of new knowledge
Raining brainstorms to flood minds into a mental college
A hurricane of psychotic dialogue that institutes the sane as crazy
I am the open concept so that even locked doors doesn’t faze me
Because I…am…the key
A vivid painted chorus in motion
I am the waterfalls that keep the balance of the ocean
flowing and overflowing the streams of my mind into the open
Because I am the stream of life
that transitions a dead dream into the resurrection of hoping

[Nick Ade The Poet]

I am the mountain top, the valley drop
The book yet unopened In the library called my fantasy
I am a cure and a disease continually balancing my insanity
Lyrically witnessed by so many yet none know
my inner being the true essence I bring to the stage
But watch as I preform my melody to ease the pain
With so many E’s in my lines yet I see no peace in sight
Yet I Survive because my worth is more than
The sum of the pain inside so I maintain to live another day
Another night as I live to perpetually
fight for my name placed in the sands of time
I forever remain lost in this daze called reality
So I go deep into my dreams only to then be labeled crazy
For resisting the shadows that once consumed me
I am the true darkness in my mind yet I shine
As I overcome in time to become more and more divine
Without a hint of sunshine I stay cloudy rays on sunny days
Yet blessed because I continue to take another breath
no one can diminish the light in me so I stay at ease
with Serenity the one and only law I need
My home is the cemetery yet I carry this
lyrical note in my soul to evoke spiritual change
To forever remain alive with the poetry ive written in my book of ryhmes
I am the bane on my own existence with so much ignorance
Yet At any instance you can catch my providing
What is sufficient to carry all spirits high with my faith
We all escape on the ferry ride to a better place as we reach into the skyies

Written By;
F.j. Majesticpen Carter & Nick Ade The Poet


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