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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Happy Valentines] The Woman in my Eyes


Hi there young beautiful girl
Is it ok if I take a moment to let
You know, you’ve brighten my world
More beautiful than a shooting star
By far you are the most precious
girl to me no matter how far physically
I can easily see; you’re more beautiful
Than any diamond ring on the finger of a queen
I’m always reaching new levels of divinity
As we continue making love in the driver’s seat
Pulled by the lines of my poetic dominancy
Making us legendary molding history on our canvas
For all the stars in the universe to see up above
Our love is a masterpiece never to be replicate
call it Mona Lisa for even Stevie Wonder could see
 the beautiful Poetry we’re making together as we
romance forever  Making song birds weep
 the sweet silent nectar Of our lyrical supremacy
over any & all others Entranced by the essence
our bodies meshing Closely like rain drops in stormy weather
I am your umbrella, I call you my Cinderella
For only one shoe fits the only woman on my list
To persistently kiss until she truly knows
How much I adore her succulent lips
Through the rain, I have no pains only more
Life to gain as I sustain this love, call me deranged
But all I’m simply saying is, you’re the most
Beautiful woman in all existence
Happy Valentine’s Day 

from your Poetic Prince
Nick Ade The Poet © 2012


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