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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dreamer


Merging my dreams with this ink that bleeds
Protruding is a soul unknown to this reality
Writing until I sleep, or maybe until I awaken
Shaken from this world of fabricated lies
I’ve denied myself the sustenance of the flesh
Instead I follow the spirit to unknown dimensions
To which I find at any instance another reason
To continue my journey deeper and deeper, deep
Writing is my escape without need to vacate my sheets
No need for a passport for I am free to set sail
As I lyrically excel until I’m touching new horizons
On the ocean liner of lyrics which I expel from within
similar to a rain cloud, I pour the lyrical nourishments
raining words of the mind until the storm subsides
my dreams I use to constitute a new constitution
unhindered by the pollution of the political institution
my system is a self-remedying symbiotic relationship
like a doctor and a patient, I am healed the more that I
continue to express all my worst trails and tribulations
feel me more as you continue to adore my most
eloquent form of lyrical clarity only surpassed
by my mental and soulful dexterity merged together
similar to my dreams and this reality
I put them together with ease as you read
I remain the dreamer that sees without need to define
for it is my insanity that brings me closer to the ink
that continues to bleed until either the pen is empty
or the page is filled with remnants of my mentality

Nick Ade The Poet © 2012



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