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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remember To Be Thankful

Remember To Be Thankful.

A world with so little understanding and so little peace.

I pray that the dead ones can finally rest their heads in eternal sleep.

Finding happiness in this world is like our cherished memories.

We may remember a glimpse of it but hardly enough satisfy our need.

Memories of our past days when we walked and talked,

Now like everything else in life is a mere foot print in the sands of time.

Now it seems we can only cherish those humble days and

Be thankful for them as we move forward day by day.

There is no manual on how to our lives and all I can hope is

That my family will be there and I’ll know I’ll be alright.

Sometimes what’s really important can be hard to see

But simply look back and you’ll remember your family.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2010
Dedicated To My Uncle Harold
My Grandmother
And all loving spirits that have moved on.


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