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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pushed to the Limit

Pushed to the limit of sanity
Lost with no hand to reach
Gone are the childhood memories of my better dayz
Hardened is my heart with no chance to save
Lost is his sheep outcast as weak
When I simply decided to be me
no reason to be a part of a generation that
Can’t understand my swagg
How long will I last in the dark path?
Living the life of an outlaw or maybe a dying outcast.

Don’t ask me about the past it was all bad.
If you only knew the truth
about the poet you come to
no coat to cover me so I’m never fake
I’m real I’m what you see but never
a need to reap or explain my mentality.
I don’t need the jewelry or the fame.

Absent is my smile with no reason to change
smiles and tears was the aftermath from this dirty game.
Am I insane or was this simply how the world made me?
Lord save me because I’m nearing my limit.
Sent a final message now here is the question.
Why I am hurt when I choose to heal?

Cursed since birth my gift made me different.
Nowhere else to run so now
I’m forced to face the unfaceable.
incapable of change unfazeable so now I’m deranged
I don’t give a damn that’s why I’m mellow
with my spirit constantly attacked by the devil.
special was my creation take it back!
….But I’d rather live the life of an outcast
than live the life of a man that only listens.

With an undeniable flow living in a world
So lonely and so cold no one really
Knows the truth about me
I walk these cold streets
Living without a goal to reach
I preach the truth as If I knew
The fact is, I was forced to see

I must be Schizophrenic
Because I’m hearing voices talking to me
But never an answer to my questions
Only whispers of silence
my solitude brings me more in tune.
My unambitious attitude
is only because I choose not to.
I’m too focus on my reality
No money in my pockets
So God understand I have to grind to eat.
Not feeling sorry but this is the way it is
Niceness didn’t suffice so now I’m forced to fight.

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2010


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