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Monday, June 9, 2014

~Deeper Alive~

Deeper without time, deeper as we begin to climb
Align our spines, Peel back & find, true meaning in our lives
Eternal and sublime, pain is really just our spotlight 
High like a kite, low like we on Jose Cuervo tonight
Fight to spike our pulse, we strike like lightning bolts
Watch as we volt towards what provokes our desires
Dream tonight, live & die, expire at the same damn time 
We need a pacemaker for our minds to bring us truly alive
Mummified alive, I awaken with a curse to find my third eye
Witness discovery in it’s prime, we use our youth only to rise
Hide me away; the police could come at any time of day
Make me safe from this world full of boring formalities
Fade my tent, I ask my pen give em a glimpse of the man within 
Formally we became insane in the deepest part of our membranes 
It is our choice to stay this way every day, harder for us to be erased
you are my Heart to my Spade; our lives aren't able to replicate
Yet we strategize our lives so we never make a dumb mistake twice
Life is so funny when running like Doug Funny towards our dreams
Once I was a king only to awaken so quickly to see a world so lonely 
Come with me, leap from the nearest balcony, passion keeps on lifting 

The night Eclipses our eye to the darkness inside our mental confines
Feeling the light alive, every experience is like a bulb of clarification
Mistaken by all the mistakes we‘d promised never to make in haste
Our pens create from nothing yet we bring something to life
Excuse me while I’m baking new recipes for the world to devour indefinitely
To infinity with a simple kiss, Destruction when we pull from the hips
Deeper into the Abyss, our existence can’t be replicated by the fakeness 
Poetic dominance when we make love to the pen, forgetting the bullshit
With every written line, my heart beats fuller more to life…Dine 
within the deepest recesses of my mind, imagination sparking our lives 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2014


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