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Monday, May 13, 2013

It was only a dream


I want to live as free as a bird in the sky
No problems in view as I soar outta sight
I want to be as shiny as a diamond in the night
Glistening as I continue reminiscing on my past
I want to smile as I glance into infinity true reality
I want to dream forever at peace never
to have a tear falling from my cheeks again
I want true friends the likes of which don’t require
high finances in my wallet to validate accompaniment
I want to live above the clouds all a while drawing
My lyrics into reality as I dream of better ways to live
I never want to worry about tomorrows hardships
Today is a celebration and I’ m to in ecstasy to worry about bullshit
All I wanna do is party and bullshit as I stay blunted
no more lies from politicians that never cared about
the poor no more schemes to get paid as we work lost in a daze
I want live forever in one day while everyone screams my name
Nick Ade’ the Poet!! I give it all to you the best I can
pen in hand as I expand my mind inspired by the divine.
I want to chill with Bob Marley listening to No woman no cry
While we dance until sunrise then return to the sky
Then I’d listen to 2pac Amaru Shakur reminisced on his amazing life.
I want to live free but it seems that’s only a dream
I am forever striving for money that doesn't promise a thing.
But another bill to pay another enemy to shake and
More hate from a world that doesn't even know my name.

George Nicholas Ade' © 2010



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