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Monday, May 13, 2013

Who is it that you love?


Who is it that you love
Is it the words I bring
So romantically I speak
Or is it the fact that I see
Your inner beauty unseen
Could it be the poetry I preach
Or the breath of fresh air I bring
so casually to your Senses
Dispensing  love to your being
Forgetting our hardships With
the eloquent beauty of our unity
But is it me that you love
Then tell me what it is that you see 
When you look within my being
Who is it that you love

the morning brings A new beginning
Yet still I’m there same as before
I ask who is it that you adore
If not me then must it be my poetry?
If not my poetry then what
Is it that you see within me
 who is it that you love?
Is it my smile on my face
or my presence as i grace
you with words I've laced with love
Or is it the pain I've embraced
Only to erase a clean slate I create
To take us away to a whole new page
but Who is it that you love
when it is not I that shapes 
or creates your heart?
Who is it that you love? 

George "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2011



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