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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Conscious Mind


A lot of what the world told me in my youth
Never really made much sense to me in truth.
Even as a teen I was thinking more poetically
yet it seems the price paid for consciously thinking
was dying physically for awakening more spiritually.
So many have died for simply opening their minds eye.
It seems as long as I continue paying taxes with my 9 to 5,
no one would dare extract death taking the breath from my life.
The world is full of "normality" yet images on any TV screen 
will reveal a world in full on calamity, breaking at the seams.
Girls want to be Barbies and men want to be thugs.
Trapped in a world of materialism; lost & absent of love.
Parents pay the price to give their children better lives
only to simply be too tired to give them any real useful advice.
The foundation in our homes are as broken as old cold war stones.
Gone is the structure needed to season the future, our youth.
What could a president ever really do for me when his election 
is funded by people who don't want to see me live FREE.
Trapped in a maze called opportunity the "American Dream" is slavery.
In truth, all power is invested in my very own physical being.
So when I hear the promise of change and people watch and believe 
I wonder how far deranged this society has really became.
We search for fortune and fame stuck in this game called reality.
Acquiring a diploma is less of a necessity as being able purchase an AR-15.
By sixteen many youth don't even know the world Politically. 
Is Africa a country or a continent? 
"Who cares as long as I got money in my pocket" .
Our government only supports enlightenment if it's for profit 
while NASA doesn't even have funding for their maned shuttle rockets.
And our teachers watch as our public schools continue rotting
Still we expect our children to succeed when education is based on passing.
We care little to stop and think instead hatred is a much  
more efficient way to be in this cold world of lost hopes & dreams
Our Military can't promise we'll remain free with any amount of weaponry 
that is reserved for those with the positive mentality to wake up and believe.
Most don't even see that everything is made up of pure energy 
and our dreams are what power this world we see spinning.
Ask yourself what is Gravity? Don't die another mental casualty.  
Currency can't be measured by green paper; it can't make you happy.
And the truth is most dead presidents never gave a fuck about me. 
In God we trust is on every bill I see yet I can't find any stability.
And when I begin to sleep at night or when I look to darkness of the sky
I never require any Religion mankind has designed as my way 
to decide why I love this Universe with all my Heart and Mind.
I ask where do many of our thoughts really reside
Most will reply you can find it when Apple decides 
to release a new version of the iPhone 5.
We consume ourselves towards our own virtual doom.
And in the end, we have no more reason to question why
the world is in great peril and hopelessness looms in the sky
While our hearts and minds are marooned when time isn't on our side.
Most will simply decided to wait until God would simply arise.
Yet I feel a greater power high endowed me with a conscious mind
So I use the Present as my Present to decide how I live my life.

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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