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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Poet & The Pen [Part III]


The stories we've told both young and old 
inspired by the feelings we hold in pen & bones
from the inner depths of my soul I expose on the page
the words we've merged together by the blood of ink
submerged in conscious thought representing poetry
many who have come to know of me physically 
know in true reality a symbiotic relationship between 
the poet & the pen, the true existence not readily witnessed
through thick & thin, we've remain the best of friends 
merging that which comes from deep within to the surface 
and to a further extent the ink of my pen then publication 
Never a need for any vacation to any city or nation 
by way of the mind I take a trip through the inner confines
to find what elevates my state of mind into a elevated lullaby 
rhythmic movements that stroke the pen to extrude 
dark protrusions on the page as we create poetic solutions 
no, I am not human, I am simply an illusion and with this pen

I am a Poetic God...

Now watch as I work my magic like I were the wizard of Oz 
Brilliant, my possession never to be taken by any thief
granted were these feeling in me to share with only my ink 
now witness poetry inspired like a fire burning violently 
sparked by the drum beat of a ancient entity dancing methodically
We feed off the passion of emotion, we lust for words everlasting
poetic rhymes that aligned in our mind to the vibe of feelings that arise
my flesh is a temple, my art is the pen and poetry is our eternal religion 
like an escaped mental patient who cannot be captured only traced
not replicated are my letters authentic are these words that have emerged
through creative urges expressed with great courage without a weapon
in hand I command with persistence a partner who isn't resistant
together in true unison, we are married together until the very end  
label us together in the whirl wind of life, The Poet & The Pen 


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