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Wednesday, May 15, 2013



A man like me is simply hard to reach
I preach words that creep deep into your psyche
Can you mesmerize me with your exquisite beauty?
I'm elevated by design look deep in between my lines
to find what resides otherwise out of sight, out of mind
Light my heart like a candle and i'll remain throughout the night
I might just be there at your side by surprise but once you 
look me into the eyes, i'll be there in your dreams until daylight

A man like me can't be touched by any hand physically
simply call upon me consciously like I was really a Genie
I'll carry your soul like a chariot high with time, you are sublime
Is it a crime to use what's mine to mesmerize your mind?
I use this lyrical art to mark the page with my steel bleeding 
poetry; I feel what most won't even reveal because i'm real 
never to be killed because my atoms are made more eternal

A man like me isn't easy to meet because I creep stealth fully
with my image beneath the surface for I am deeply in tune with poetry
I provoke thoughts that Bill Nye couldn't teach with ease
Simply bring your exquisite beauty to the stage and i'll unlock
what will cover you from the rain, feel no pain, I am rain man.
watch as I expand on the canvas of life like a spider
casting it's web through the night mesmerizing all by surprise

A man like me is hard to find because the clues most use
won't suffice when searching for the truth in my life 
Can you bring color to my eyes and take me to new heights? 
Alive, Alive, It is almost as if I've died long ago now 
I bring stories never told to your very soul provoking growth
I won't be replicated for I am formed by materials that predated
anything this world has excavated from any ancient site
I tell you this again to cement this in the depth of your mind 
A man like me is simply hard to design because i'm made
from poetic lines not found in the fabric of space time 
research my birth and you'll find evidence of my hearse 
Resurrected by a curse to rehearse my first breath on this Earth
A man like me isn't unique but the tools I use are simply Mesmerizing...



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