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Friday, May 17, 2013

Judge Me Not


Witness these words that emerge 
judge me not by what you've heard
Label me a poet and nothing more 
adore what you explore as you continue
to journey through my mental corridors 
Judge me not for the color of my skin
that simply would be of pure ignorance 
yet so many times I've been labeled... other 
other than what I am in my own distinction
I am a featureless being embodied physically
Judge me not by the flesh of my surface 
I serve a greater purpose in this universe 
Witness these words that have emerged
from my bleeding pen merged into existence
Judge me base on my persistence to elevate this maze
through consciousness I levitate like I had no weight
witness me as I escape to new locations alive 
Judge me not for how I lived my rough & rugged life
Look me in the eyes and witness what I realize 
Like a weapon I use my mind to break the confines 
with the use of my poet lines, I break all that bind
My hands are possessed to stress the limits of the alphabet 
so judge me not based simply on the currency in my wallet
I am rich with the gift of poetic greatness in my possession
Judge me not based simply on the physical; the countless 
flaws of my flesh & bone but the true grander of my soul 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2013



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