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Monday, May 13, 2013

Ballad of a Poet


Somewhere my soul died in the sands of time
Right now I crumble right before your very eyes
To your very surprise as you once thought
Nothing could ever take the might that lifted us high
What we knew once before is now a closed door
In the halls of eternal existence in this reality
What was once real is now only a dream past long ago
As time slowly erodes what we once thought we knew before
What we once thought we could easily hold is now
seemingly impossible to possess without a few sacrifices
now I guess we’ll need to get used to A few new changes
as the world spins I see no needed changes only more desperation
 as I grow sicker with the years’ time slowly
erodes all the many obstacles to make it all clear
as you erase away with that smile on your face
all the past tears from my cheeks now all you see
Is a battle hardened version of who I used to be
Do you remember what I used to say throughout those cloudy days
Nothing ever changes only a new experience to place on our resume
Yet cold are the days it seems things can’t get much worser
I grow closer to my end and yet with every new breath I take
God blesses me with the chance to begin once again, a brighter day
In this life of sin, the only thing we are ever promised is death
So until the end we stick together through thick & thin
Now lord take me away for I am weary from this challenging place
Somewhere my soul died today only to be resurrected,
No more pain, no more time, it was all only in our minds.
Now we climb to a higher plateau never known before 

Nick Ade The Poet © 2011



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