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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Parallels of Existence

What is life without death
What is day without night
How may I step without first a crawl
How may I choose to fly
if I never choose to fall
Who are you without me
who am I if I am ever discovering me
Life is not so long in retrospect
But with every step there is trepidation
How can one nation be called the greatest
who are you to say where
Gods next blessing lay?
In the darkness the light shines bright
But in truth there is no darkness
That can escape the light

What is a smile without a tear
What is pain without pleasure
Who am I without you
And who are you if you
are forever discovering yourself
Life not so hard when you continue to dream
Take a step with ease before you
Claim the next step is impossibility
How can one man be the greatest
if it takes a whole nation to raise a child
Who are you to say where
Gods next Blessing lay
Love is Similar to lightning strikes
No one can predict what Love may ignite
in the light darkness is seen
But in truth there is no night
But; one Will, one God, One Life.

Geroge "Nick" Ade' Poet © 2010


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